That without interference to travel to Europe, you need to change the President

Alexander Lukashenko held another meeting in the government devoted to the socio-economic development. Comments listeners:
"How Lukashenko has been in power, the government constantly says boorish. He constantly refers to them as temporary workers, threatened that they will put on the table a statement. And where their dignity? How can it endure?’s Curious. Such is not abroad. There if the person impeached, he goes into retirement. "
Constant listener: "Unlike past his clothes when they were cries of" In handcuffs, in jail! "On This time, by As the last that showed on TV was relaxed. But his antics were limited to administrative control methods. "
U.S. monetary sanctions imposed against "Belneftekhim". The U.S. government considers this decision as a continuation of sanctions against Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus, and other controls. Expression this topic:
Misha medications, Riga: "Good evening. I wish to express some its judgment in connection with the decision of the United States against the vile" Belneftekhim ".
Immediately I wish to say, that these were not the U.S. administration against Alexander Lukashenko and against Belarus, the Belarusian people as tools that earns "Belneftekhim" go on pension, repair roads, hospitals and so on . "
The European Parliament approved the signing of agreements of Ukraine — EU visa facilitation for people this country. Alignment of the ability out for Belarusians — subsequently calls.
Misha, Minsk: "In order to smoothly go to Europe, it is necessary to change the president. He promised at one point that their own people for the civilized world will not lead. Maybe if sore noses and shoes break, or there will not be that, while the Belarusian and say: "And what is it that of the father-seeing eye?"
And at the end of the SMS from the listener:
"Thanks to Olga for Ipatovoj book" Algerdava spear. "Currently reading".

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