The British could not afford to eat healthy food

Supermarket chains significantly cut area that sell organic foods and eco-friendly accessories.

Explaining the reason for the reduction of space in stores, major retail retailers explain their position data statistics.

Analytical suggest that healthy food market volume decreased by 21% over several years. In 2008, the market for green and organic products amounted to nearly £ 2 billion ($ 3 billion). And last year, this figure fell to £ 1.5 billion ($ 2.4 billion).

According to opinion polls conducted in the UK, many people actually refused to buy his usual healthy food in order to save.

Buyers have suffered more than their money mass manufacturer. For example, sellers of frozen fish in the UK in recent years have increased their profit? 69 million ($ 111 million) to € 292 million ($ 472 million).

In turn, Jim Twayne — director of Bristol-based Soil Association, which produces organic foods — do not see the problem of poverty in the buyers. "People are happy to buy a product, grown without fertilizers, but they have nowhere to do it. Retail retailers are actually closed their stores for similar products. They act for the sake of their profits without taking into account the interests of customers "- said Twayne.

Experts point out that the problems of the industry production and consumption of healthy products is observed only in the UK. In other countries of Europe and the world eco-friendly and created without harm to the environment products are becoming increasingly popular, and sales are growing.

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