The construction of new production facilities in the SEZ Dubna

Four of the new production is scheduled to open in the SEZ "Dubna" in 2013

  • SPC "Beta" put into operation on the right bank area of SEZ "Dubna"
  • SPC "Beta" put into operation on the right bank area of SEZ "Dubna"

The first four high-tech industries based on their own scientific and technological developments, are planning to launch in 2013 on the territory of the Special Economic Zone "Dubna" resident companies.

Three of them are located on the right bank of SEZ site, the construction of another complex is on the left bank area, near of center.

On the right bank area of SEZ "Dubna", which bears the name of the area of nuclear physics and nanotechnology, in the first half of this year, started research and production complex "Beta" for the production of modern medical technology for cascade plasmapheresis. It was built in collaboration with RUSNANO resident company "NANO CASCADE", established by the Russian holding company "Trackpore Technology" (part of the group of companies "Concor"). Total area is 16,000 m2.

The complex features a new industrial cyclotron developed by scientists and engineers at the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and having the world's best options for accelerators in its class, as well as modern technological lines. The annual capacity of the new production will be 1.6 million plasmafilters with a pore diameter of 20 to 100 nanometers, manufactured using a unique technology. (Procedure plasmapheresis cascade, unlike conventional allows not remove all the plasma but only contained therein pathogenic agents, preserving valuable components).

On the same site are building and planning to launch its production in 2013 of "prepreg-Dubna" and "Tekhnokomplekt."

Company "Prepreg-Dubna" established a well-known Russian holding company "Composite" and implements a special economic zone project to create a center for the development and introduction of industrial production Fabric based carbon fibers (Fabrics for external reinforcement systems of buildings, structures, bridge structures, aircraft fabrics, fabrics for producing prepregs).

Interregional Industrial Association technical staffing (MPOTK) "Tekhnokomplekt" works in Dubna in 1996. This is a company that specializes in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance companies manning power electrical equipment, which is used in many fields: chemical, mining, non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy, electric power, transportation, and machine tools. In the SEZ "Dubna" the company is launching a research and development center for the production of the developments in the field of power electronics with advanced technologies.

  • On the left bank of the SEZ construction site of the complex is the company's own "Promtekh-Dubna"
  • On the left bank of the SEZ construction site of the complex is the company's own "Promtekh-Dubna"

Company "Promtekh-Dubna" (Part of the holding company "Industrial Technologies") to implement the SEZ "Dubna" project to develop a highly efficient production technologies onboard cable network of current and future domestic production of aircraft and other aircraft systems. In 2011, the company has already launched on a temporary site plant for mass production of wire harnesses for the aerospace industry, while leading the construction of a large complex of its own, and the first phase of which is scheduled to launch later this year. This is the first scientific-industrial complex, built on private investment in the Left Bank area of SEZ "Dubna".

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