The court acquitted the Smolensk deputy, who called the Nazi concentration camps not finished

The deputy of the Smolensk city council of the party "United Russia" Andrei Ershov, sudivshiysya with two prisoners of concentration camps after being publicly insulted their dignity, will not pay compensation. Such a ruling handed down the Court of Appeal.

March 26, 2013, 15:11 Photo: © Smolensk City Council

In October 2012 Ershov harshly opposed the travel benefits for former juvenile prisoners of German concentration camps.

"What we owe them, the prisoners? — Said Yershov. — The fact that they did not have finished? '.

Despite the fact that the widespread public outrage forced the deputy to apologize for his words against him a criminal case, and in the "United Russia" have declared that they intend to seek deprivation Ershov's deputy. Later, in an interview with news agency policies stated that the mandate is not going to pass.

The trial court ordered the Ershov pay compensation amounting to 10 thousand rubles Hope Hatutskoy and Anallie Podlesnaya — former prisoner of the Nazis who filed the lawsuit on the deputy. Now, however, the decision was overturned by the court of appeal. In the near future, the case should be referred back to the court — for consideration on the merits.

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