The crisis came to Belarus

Will the devaluation of the Belarusian ruble?
Gold and supplies Belarus calculated on standards of the International monetary fund in September decreased by 460 million dollars. This — a tenth of the total reserve of the country. Whether this is due to the reduction of the global financial crisis?
"You can expect that the Belarusian ruble will fall"

"In 1-x, the crisis has adversely affected the Belarusian money. Indeed, in the world market have increased interest on loans. And it means losing to Belarus this year estimated at 200-300 million dollars …"


"The National Bank should start devaluation of Belarusian ruble"

Managing analytical Fund Mises Yaroslav Romanchuk says: State Bank should begin devaluation of the Belarusian ruble. In another threat comes defeat reserves.


L. Zaika: 7000000000 can be gone pretty quickly
Managing analytical center "Strategy" Leonid Zaika believes that 460 million dollars of losses — on a national scale is not very significant amount of money. This is approximately at the level of the total monthly pensions Belarusians.


93% of companies have already decided to reincorporate
"The decision on the corporatization took 163 of 176 companies to be privatized in 2008," — told Interfax on this in the Municipal Property Committee of Belarus.


Belarusian banks make "safety cushion"

"The crisis in Russia has led to the fact that Russian non-resident banks, and their lot in Belarus, began to give less currency in our domestic market. This applies, for example, VTB Belrosbank, Belgazprombank and some others.


Global monetary crisis, which now remains a major international problem can be addressed in a certain degree, and Belarus. The head of the country Alexander Lukashenko said Oct. 7 during a visit to the KGB.

"It is possible that it will become harder to sell products for export," stated the head of the country. — And before us is to put that task whatsoever. "
"I wish to ask a question" conscious "of the intelligentsia. Who was right: Lukashenka’s own security policy orientation of the economy and the normal pattern of development or those leaders who call themselves" marketeers "- said Alexander Lukashenko.
According to him, now in the world "for a penny you can buy excellent modern enterprise."
"I think the West is rapidly opamyatuyutsya and will keep its national wealth in the hands of the country, as we always keep it.’s Answer to the main question that can be addressed, and part of the" conscious "intellectuals critical of the course offered Belarus", — said A . Lukashenko.

In global markets last fall stock quotes. In global markets last fall stock quotes. The index of leading U.S. companies Dow Jones fell on Tuesday by 5.11%, falling to a new five-year low of 9447.11 pt. Dow Jones dropped by the results of the fifth trading session in a row. During these five days the index has lost more than 1400 Fri, znizivshysya almost 13%. Investors are afraid that the long cash crisis may trigger a severe slowdown in the world economy. In the U.S., quotes plummeted after the head of the Federal reserve Ben Bernanke said that the situation in the American economy may be exacerbated. The Fed also announced its intention to buy from companies for the purpose of short-term debt to revive the market.
In Tokyo, the Nikkei stock index fell more than 9 percent. Main index of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on Wednesday fell by 5 percent. Fall is also recorded on the stock exchanges in Hong Kong, Taiwan, London, Paris and Amsterdam. Russian stock exchanges halted trading due to the collapse of the new stock price. Now for the first hour of trading prices of more liquid shares fell by 12-17 percent.

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