The crusade against us

1. Liberalism — a totalitarian ideology

What is the dominant ideology of the modern West and its geo-political avant-garde — the United States of America? That is not an idle question. It directly affects all of us. Let's be honest: we lost the global geopolitical conflict. We are defeated. And so have to know precisely and — who is the host of the new conditions of global balance of power, what are the main features of his world, what he thinks about the world, history, the fate of humanity, ourselves? It is necessary for all — and the one who is going to put up and humbly serve the new masters, and the one who refuses to accept this situation and is committed to revolt and reconquest of the new geo-political freedom.

We instilled the idea that the West in general there is no ideology that reigns there pluralism attitudes and beliefs that everyone is free to believe in anything, think, say and do anything you want. This is — an absolute lie, simple propaganda trick, borrowed from the arsenal of the "cold war." In fact, in the West there is a dominant ideology that is no less totalitarian and intolerant than any other ideology, but its peculiar forms and principles, philosophical background of otherness, the historical base is totally different from those ideologies that are familiar and known to us. This ideology — liberalism. It is based on the dogma of the "autonomous individual" (ie, on a consistent individualism), "Applied rationality", the belief in technological progress, on the concept of the "open society" in the construction of the principle of "market" and "free exchange" not only in economic, but ideological, social and philosophical absolutes.

Liberal ideology is "right" in the narrow economic sense, and the "left" — in the sense of humanitarian rhetoric. And all the other mix right with left, or just right and left on their own liberalism rejects, dismantles, marginalize, takes shots at officialdom. Liberalism is totalitarian in a special way. Instead of direct physical repression against dissidents, he resorted to the tactic of soft suffocation, the gradual shift to the outskirts of society, the economic strangulation of dissidents and opponents, etc. But the fact remains that the dominant ideology of the West (liberalism) is actively fighting with alternative political-ideological project, but it uses to achieve its purposes are more subtle, more "soft", more refined than other forms of totalitarianism, but that only more effective. The liberal totalitarianism is not brutal, not open, but veiled, illusory, invisible. However, that does not make less cruel.

The presence of the West, "the dominant ideology" gradually clearer oboznalsya and in our society. The naivete of early perestroika and the dream of "pluralism" and "democracy" gradually vanished even the most ardent reformers. The reality of liberalism and the ideology of liberalism has become apparent, therefore, we have to be more specific. Supporters of the West with the need to now share all the specific ideological premises of liberalism (and not some nebulous "democracy" by which everyone knew something vague and indefinite), his opponents combined opposition to this ideology. This is more or less clear.

But liberalism has another, more hidden layer. We are talking about some of the theological and religious assumptions, which ultimately led to the West is an ideological model that is rooted in it today and become dominant. This layer is not as versatile and uniquely recognized as vulgar stamps of the "open society" and "human rights", but, nevertheless, he is the source of the secret base and the dominant liberal ideology on the planet, which in itself — just the tip of the iceberg.

It is about the Protestant eschatology.

2. United States — the essence of the West

No one today is no doubt that the world is ruled by the only remaining superpower grade — United States. It is not just the most powerful state in the West militarily, it is, in a sense, the result of the Western path of development, its peak, its maximum achievement. U.S. was founded and built as an artificially constructed education, devoid of historical inertia, traditions, etc. by the standards of the most radical of recipes, developed over the course of Western civilization. This is — the top of this civilization, the crown of its formation. United States — the sum of the West and its geopolitical, ideological and religious vanguard. In the U.S. alone liberal principles were implemented totally and consistently, and since some time, and the West and liberalism became quite competent to identify it with the U.S..

America is the hegemon of the modern world, a giant geopolitical, strategic and economic empire that controls all the important processes of our planet. And not just as one of the usual state, even a very powerful and advanced, but it was as an ideological model as a way of development, as a judge, and the shepherd of mankind, it encouraged a system of ideological, philosophical and political values. U.S. empire — the empire of liberalism, the empire of capital, the empire of the post-industrial society, as the highest stage of development of the bourgeois system.

Of course, the U.S. is a direct descendent of Europe and European history. But the uniqueness of this formation is that the United States took from Europe, only one, the most refined, clarified the direction of civilization — the liberal rationalism, the theory of the "social contract", individualism, dynamic technological industrialism, an absolute of the concept of "trading system." Previously, all of these trends were concentrated in Protestant England. The British Empire was the first (if not to take into account the Ancient Phoenicia) model of constructing a purely "commercial civilization", which logically led Western history. It is no coincidence, the main theorists of liberalism were just the English — Adam Smith, Ricardo, etc., and philosophers of individualism — Locke, Hobbes, Mandeville. Max Weber and the more clearly Werner Sombart convincingly shown how Western capitalism was born out of the Protestant ethic and how ethno-religious factor is essential for the occurrence of certain socio-economic formations.

From England Relay "commercial system" has gradually shifted to the U.S., and since the second half of the XX century, America's leadership in the overall context of Western civilization has become the undisputed historical fact.

United States — the embodiment of the West, Western capitalism, its center and its axis, its essence. And we are now in terms of our experience, when the United States became the sole owner of the entire planet, what they were going for so long, we can easily recognize the logic of history, converging in a single point of focus (which could, for historical reasons make those thinkers who have not lived to the dramatic denouement of geopolitical, economic and social confrontation "Cold War"). So, all of western history converges to the United States. Actually West, as geopolitical phenomenon arose during the split of the Christian Church on Orthodoxy and Catholicism. Catholic area and became the base of what is now called the "West", the "West" in a conceptual sense. From this moment the people of the Catholic world have identified themselves with the full humanity, its history — with world history, their civilization — a civilization in general. All other civilizations and traditions were contemptuously equated with "wild, barbaric countries." It is significant that in such a "subhuman" category fell not only non-Christian peoples, but also to the entire Orthodox world, which, in fact, and was the area of real, undistorted, authentic Christianity. By the way, just because the Orthodox countries — first Byzantium, later Russia — were Christian, they were calling for Catholics is aggressive rejection. Orthodox Christianity gave an example of another — a universal, open and non-sectarian, radical alternative civilization throughout the ranks that has emerged in the West and that until some time claimed to be the only form of the Christian state. In the confrontation between Catholicism and Orthodoxy should look ovary dialectical development of civilization and geopolitical processes in the next century.

From the split churches should count the history of the West. Catholicism at the time became the head of a purely "Western" trends. But after a certain period of time certain elements of Catholic teaching, he inherited, by the way, a legacy of the Unity of Orthodox churches are in conflict with the main line of development of the West. The turning point falls on the Reformation. At this point, the most "Western" trends are isolated and concentrated in the Protestant style. Protestantism spread in those countries and among the people who are consistently moving in the direction set by the split: alienation from the East, arrogant contempt for the "savage peoples", the identification of themselves and their technical development with the peak of civilization, individualistic and rationalistic trends that are not already satisfied beyond Catholic (although they, in their turn, have been a significant step in the same direction from a completely faithful to the spirit of traditional and original teaching of Orthodoxy).

Protestant countries — most notably, England — getting in the way of "maritime civilization", tend to be absolute liberal model, the universalization of the "trading system." From now on, the West itself the role of vanguard role of the "Far West" began to play the British.

Still later, it was extreme, the most radical British Protestant sects lay the foundation of American civilization, design and implement the United States. They go there — in the far west — as in the "promised land" to build there a perfect society, a "perfect West", "absolute West." United States of America as a nation created by consensus fundamentalist Protestant sects, and the vast majority of the U.S. political class still are invariably representatives specifically Protestant denominations. This, however, is quite logical — a country ruled by law ideological heirs of those who created it, who organized it, who brought her prosperity and power.

The Americans call it «Manifest Destiny», «Manifested Destiny" (or "destined"). In other words, Americans see their history as a consistent upward path to the triumph of civilization, to the victory of the ideological model, which is based on the American civilization itself — as the quintessence of the whole history of the West.

3. Protestantism as an ideology

It may be argued — "Modern Western society — and especially American — has long been atheistic, religion adheres to a small number of people, and especially fundamentalism, even the Protestant type — can not be equated with the official ideology of the United States, let alone the West in general." In fact, it is necessary to point out that religion does not have to act like a cult or a set of dogmas. Often in today's world it occurs implicitly, as a psychological conditions as a system of cultural and household dies as a semi-conscious geopolitical intuition. Can be compared with the ideology of religion — some (a minority) own the entire set of conceptual apparatus, while others grasp intuitively ideology. And most of all religion today affects more than a cultural background, a family psychology, social ethics through regulations. In this regard, the United States — the country is Protestant, and that "Protestantism" affects not only open adherents of this denomination, but also a huge layers of people of other religious beliefs or atheists. Protestant spirit easily detect not only from the Puritans, Baptists, Quakers, Mormons, etc., but also in the U.S. Krishnaism and the Moon sect, and among the American Jesuits, and simply non-religious American inhabitants. They are all more or less affected by "Protestant ideology," although the cult and dogma is considered a relative minority. The second argument. The political class in the U.S. is not proportional reflection of society. Just look at the paltry number of color among politicians and senior administrators. Traditionally the type of majority in American politics is «WASP» — «White Anglo-Saxon Protestant», «white Anglo-Saxon Protestant." Consequently, a full Protestant fundamentalism is much more likely than in other layers. Finally, even more specifically, the Republican Party of the United States, one of the two, having a de facto monopoly of political, guided by Protestant-fundamentalist ideology openly and consistently, regularly considering its axial line of American civilization, religious-dogmatic epitome of Manifest Destiny, «Manifest Destiny" States .

Intermediate reservoir between secular liberalism recognized for the masses and Protestant fundamentalism eschatological political elite are geopolitical centers of analysts serving power, which are in their designs generalizing the procedure where the major religious and philosophical tenets of Protestantism, taken without the details and prophetic preachers of fanaticism, combined with the most pragmatic parties of the liberal doctrine, but free from pathetic demagoguery about "human rights" and "democracy." In other words, the geopolitical thinking, which is highly developed among the political elite of the United States, consistently combines the eschatological fundamentalism, the idea of "the United States as the New Israel, called to rule the nations at the end of history" and the idea of free trade, as the maximum rationalization of the social order based on the priority " rational self-interest "and" atomic individual. " Protestant messianism of American geopolitics combined in such a way to offer a universal market model and the liberal value system.

4. "Empire of Evil"

The main geopolitical and ideological enemy of the West for centuries has been Russia. This is quite natural. On the theological level, is rooted in opposition to Catholicism (+ Protestant) Orthodoxy, the Western Roman Empire — Byzantium. Western and Eastern forms of Christianity — are two choices, two paths, two incompatible and mutually exclusive Messianic ideal. Orthodoxy is focused on the spiritual transformation of the world in the light of the uncreated light of Tabor, Catholicism — for material reconstruction of land under the administrative beginning Vatican (see "Legend of the Grand Inquisitor" in "The Brothers Karamazov," Dostoyevsky). Orthodox Christians revere above all contemplation, Catholics — the action. Orthodox political doctrine insists on the "symphony of powers", strictly separates secular (basileus, the king) and the spiritual (the patriarch, the clergy) began. Catholicism also seeks to extend the power of the Pope to the high life, provoking return uzurpatsionny move by secular monarchs, striving to subdue the Vatican. Orthodox Catholics believe in "The Departed," to betray "apostasy" orthodox Catholics regard as "barbaric spiritualist sect."

Later, the most anti-Orthodox features — including refusal of service, and many dogmas — have driven up to the limit Protestants.

Russia was the direct and sole spiritual-political, geo-political heir of Byzantium after the fall of Constantinople. Therefore, by the way, and the only reason it was called "Saint". She made the "holy", "God-bearing", "chosen by God" providential adoption of the Byzantine heritage, loyalty fullness of the Orthodox tradition (including the socio-political and even economic aspects). It is particularly important to emphasize that not only the fact of distribution of Orthodoxy as a confession given that this holiness — Orthodox church there and in other countries and other nations. But it is the combination of the Orthodox faith with a powerful and free politicheskotsy empire with the kingdom, with the King in conjunction with the Russian Patriarch natsioanlnym — provided a dogmatic and theological, eschatological legitimacy of such a name. And strictly speaking, Russia has ceased to be a "saint" when "the symphony of powers" and the Orthodox political order was rejected — first second Romanov (split), and then by his son Westerner and liquidator of Peter the Great.

Be that as it may, from the XVI century Russia emerges as the main ideological opponent of European civilization. Later follows a protracted geopolitical duel with England in the East, and more recently — the "cold war."

The story is not linear, it often makes a retreat, leaving the sides, bulging parts emphasizes the paradoxes and anomalies. Yet the center line of the obvious. Of course, there is some «Manifest Destiny» («Manifested Destiny") in a broad sense. — West, it leads to the American model, to the American way of life, to the super power, and East (at least in the Christian East) through the centuries embodied in Russia. How is the antithesis of a symmetric market Anglo-Saxon Protestant eschatology — the socialist belief in the golden age of Soviet Russian. "The End of the World" by the liberal scenario and its opposite — "End of the World," written by Russian Orthodox, social, Eurasian, East.

The logic of history is constantly at various levels hauntingly highlights the fundamental dualism — the United States and the Soviet Union, the West and the East, America and Russia. In economics, politics, geopolitics, theology, culture — is clear, frighteningly clear antithesis — as graphically detailed in front of us fishing on the drama of the world, the two poles of the continental duel of a great war over the world — physical and spiritual.

5. Dispensatsializm

Aware of whether the Americans theological underpinnings of its geopolitical confrontation with Eurasia, with Russia? Of course, yes, and often much clearer than Russian.

There is a special Protestant eschatological doctrine, which is called "dispensatsializmom", from the Latin word «despensatio», which can be translated as "fishing", "design". According to this theory, God has a "plan" regarding the Christian Anglo-Saxons, the other — for the Jews, and the third — in relation to all other peoples. The Anglo-Saxons are considered "the descendants of the ten tribes of Israel who did not return to Judea from the Babylonian captivity." These ten tribes "remembered his origin, taking Protestantism as its main denomination."

"Fishing" for the Protestant Anglo-Saxons, according to supporters dispensatsializma is as follows. — Before the end of time there should come a vague era ("great sorrow», tribulation). At this point, the forces of evil, "evil empire" (when Reagan called the Soviet Union an "evil empire", he was referring to this eschatological biblical sense) will attack the Anglo-Saxon Protestants (as well as other "born again» (born again) and Short-term reign "the abomination of desolation." main negative hero "troubled epoch», tribulation, is the "King of Gog." Now is a very important point: this character is consistently and continuously identified in eschatology dispensatsialistov with Russia. First it was clearly articulated during the Crimean War , in 1855, the evangelist John Cumming. then he identified with the biblical "Gog, prince of Magog" — the leader of the invasion of Israel, which was predicted in the Bible (Ezekiel 38-39) — Russian Tsar Nicholas I. In particular force this issue flared up again in 1917, and in the era of the "cold war", it actually became the official position of the "moral majority" of religious America.

Another "fishing", according to the teaching dispensatsialistov there with God on Israel. By "Israel," they understand the literal restoration of the Jewish state before the end of time. Unlike the Orthodox and the rest of the normal Christian, Protestant fundamentalists believe that the biblical prophecies concerning the participation of the people of Israel in the events of the "end times" should be taken literally, strictly in the Old Testament, and that they belong to those Jews who continued to practice Judaism in today. Jews in the end times to return to Israel, to restore their state of being and the invasion of Gog, ie "Russian", "Eurasia" (the "dispentsialistskoe prophecy" strangely literally fulfilled in 1947). Next comes the strange part of the "dispensatsializma." At the time of "great tribulation" is supposed that the Anglo-Saxon Christians will be "taken" ("excited") to heaven (rapture) — as in a "spaceship or a plate" — and there wait out the war of Gog (Russian) with Israel. Then they (Anglo-Saxon), together with the Protestant "Christ" come down to earth again, where they will meet the victorious Israelis Gogh and immediately go into Protestantism. Then start "millennium" and America will be with Israel completely dominate in stable Paradiso "open society", "one world".

This extravagant theory would be the property of marginal fanatics, if not for some circumstances.

First, a staunch "dispentsialistom" sincerely believed in the literal fulfillment of the eschatological scenario, there was a man Cyrus Scofield, famous for being the originator of the most popular English-language Bible — «Scofield Reference Bible», which sold many millions of copies. In America, this book can be found at every turn. So, this Scofield put in their own historical biblical text comments and prophecies of future events, true to the spirit of radical "dispensatsializma" oobrazom so that the inexperienced reader is difficult to distinguish the actual biblical text from its author's interpretation dispentsialistskoy Scofield. Thus, the promotion of Christianity in Anglo-Saxon world, and especially in the United States from the very beginning is a component of "patriotic" American education («Manifest Destiny»), Russophobian eschatological indoctrination and accented Zionism. In other words, "dispensatsializme" embodies the newest form of the age-old ideology that lies at the heart of the dualism of the West — East, about which we have spoken.

In some texts of modern dispentsialistov "industries" are linked to technical advances, and then there are images of the "nuclear dispentsializma", ie considering the "nuclear weapons" as some of the apocalyptic element. Once again, Russia (or the Soviet Union) appear here as the "forces of evil", "King of nuclear Gogh."

Popularizer of the "atomic dispensatsializma" was the evangelist Hal Lindsey, author of prophetic interpretation "the former great planet," which sold 18 million copies (in terms of circulation at the time it was the second book after the Bible). His ardent supporter was none other than Ronald Reagan, is regularly invited to lecture Linsey nuclear strategists of the Pentagon. Another "nuclear dispensatsialist" tele-evangelist Jerry Falwell was at the same Reagan's closest adviser to the government, and participated in its closed meetings and consultations generals, where the issues of nuclear safety. So, archaic religious eschatological concept can live together in such a secular and progressive American society with high technology, geopolitical intelligence and brilliantly established systems of political management.

By the way, explains dispensatsializm incomprehensible without that unconditional pro-Israel USA, which is very often in direct contradiction to the geopolitical and economic interests of the country. Solidarity with the fate of the Protestant fundamentalist earthly Israel, restored in 1947, which was in the eyes of Protestants and imposing direct confirmation Scofield and his interpretation of the Bible, based on in-depth theological eschatological subjects.

For us it is very important that as deep and robust anti-Russian, antivostochnye, antievrayziskie principles of American thinking. This is — the depth of denial, hatred, rooted and carefully cultivates centuries of hostility.

It must be said that "dispentsializm" is in its stunningly convincing. With it are logical, understandable and meaningful, many events of our time. However, the restoration of Israel, the "cold war", the steps of the U.S. towards the sole planetary domination, NATO's eastward expansion, etc.

6. They will not stop until they destroy us all before the last

Put all the pieces together. A scary (for Russian) picture. Forces, groups, attitudes and public entities are collectively referred to as "the West" and who are after the victory in the "cold war" the sole rulers of the world behind the facade of "liberalism" profess a coherent theological doctrine of eschatology, in which the events of secular history, technological advances, international relations , social processes, etc. interpreted in an apocalyptic future. Civilizational roots of the Western model goes back to antiquity, and, in a sense, a certain archaism stored here until now parallel to the technological and social modernization. And these forces are steadily and consistently identify us, Russian, with the "spirits of hell" with the demonic "King hordes of Gog and Magog of the country", with the bearers of "absolute evil". The biblical reference to the apocalyptic "prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal" expound as a clear indication of Russia — "Roche" (= "Russia"), "Meshech" (= "Moscow"), Tubal (= "the ancient name of Scythia"). In other words, russophobia West and especially the United States comes not because of concerns about the Pharisees' victims of totalitarianism "or the notorious" human rights. " It's about consistent and defensible doctrinal demonization Eastern European civilization in all its aspects — historical, cultural, theological, geopolitical, ethical, social, economic, etc. I would like to draw particular attention to the multi-dimensional coincidence far apart the conceptual level of "Western ideology": the supporters of capitalism in the economic sphere, the theorists of individualism — in the field of philosophical and social, geopolitical strategies at the level of the continents, theologians, operating with the eschatological and apocalyptic doctrines "dispensatsialistskogo wing "- they all converge to a unique and coincides in all cases the identification of Russia with the" evil empire ", the historical negative, with entirely negative hero world drama.

It's all very, very seriously. World wars and the collapse of empires, the disappearance of entire nations and races, class conflict and revolution — a great confrontation scenes, culminating should be the last apocalyptic battle, Endkampf, where we play a very important role. In the eyes of the West — entirely negative.

They will not stop until I finally will finish us. All of us, all of our children, the elderly and women. In the Old Testament brutality and liberal cynicism. Their intentions are obvious and terrible.

Our calm, yawning, stupidity and laziness is against this background look offense.

Alexander Dugin

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