The descent capsule of Soyuz TMA-06M successfully landed in the Kazakh steppe

"Soyuz TMA-06M" to the crew of the 34th expedition to the International Space Station (ISS) in the Russian Federal Space Agency cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky (central), Evgeny Tarelkin and NASA astronaut Kevin Ford has just landed in the Kazakh steppe today, March 16.

"There is a landing," reports the main screen of the Lead Operational Control Team (LOCT) Mission Control Center (Korolev).

Their journey home began today at 3.43 MSK when the "Soyuz TMA-06M" to the crew of the 34th expedition (call sign "Kazbegi") undocked from the ISS.

After the disclosure of hooks docking station was a mechanical and electrical separation of the spacecraft and the station. Then, in free flight crew of the ship was built by the necessary orientation and 6.13 ODE engine was included in the 4 min 44 sec for retroburns required to agree with the "low Earth orbit" in height of about 400 km.

After entering the ship into the atmosphere communication with the crew was lost, as the lander has been embraced by the plasma. Restored relationship was already in disclosing parachutes in slings (strands) which is integrated HF antenna.

"In the search and rescue operation involving more than 250 troops of the Central Military District of Russia. 14 helicopters Mi-8, 4, AN-26 and 6 specialized search and recovery vehicles. If the weather will not allow the use of air, we will work by means of ground — we are at it, too, is ready. Ground-based group is now in Arkalyk, "- said the head of the organization formerly Aerospace Search and Rescue Rosaviation Sergei Prusov.

Oleg Novitsky ordered immediately after landing to dine sauerkraut. Evgeny Tarelkin, in addition, wants to eat a regular sandwich with butter and doctoral sausage, "Olivier" and dumplings, Julia Nowicka wrote in his diary of his wife astronaut.

Today, the expected landing of aircraft with Russian crew members Oleg Novitsky and Evgeny TARELKIN at Chkalovsky airfield (near Star) at approximately 14.00, the press service of the CPC.

At the time of undocking "Soyuz TMA-06M" started next expedition ISS-35 commander of which was Chris Hadfield, the first Canadian commander of the station. It will work on board along with Roman Romanenko (Russia) and Thomas Mashburn (USA).

Earlier planting lander with a crew-Nowicki Tarelkina-Ford planned for March 15 at 7.57 MSK 86 kilometers north-east of the town of Arkalyk. However, due to adverse weather conditions it was postponed for a day. "Unfortunately, the weather forced us to move on night landing crew. This is absolutely normal operations ", — said the head of the CPC while Esther Dyson.

Start of the next expedition to the ISS aboard the "Soyuz TMA-08M" is also a new, digital series, scheduled on the night of March 29. In the main crew includes Russian Federal Space Agency cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov and Alexander Misurkin and NASA astronaut Christopher Cassidy, duplicate them Roscosmos cosmonaut Oleg Kotov, Sergei Ryazan and NASA astronaut Michael Hopkins.

The principal difference between this flight than any other is to use chetyrehvitkovoy ("short") of the convergence. Ship to dock with the ISS will be in free flight around 6:00 — against the "old" two-night circuit approach, which spent 34 turns or about 50 hours.

It is with this aspect of the flight period of expansion due examination of complex training Training Center in Star City (Star City) from two to four days.


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