The draw for the World Cup: who drink Amarula?

End of the World Cup held in South Africa in the summer of 2010. To get there, you need to be a winner own group tournament. It is the wish and ideal.
Yet there is one — is represented Europe in the late 13 seats, and only nine European groups. Because 8 teams taking in groups second place to hold extra games. This means that the player Belarus should take at least second place in their own group. And that’s assuming that they will have to fight with the teams of Croatia, the UK, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Andorra.
Football coach Eduard Malofeev believes that the players must fight Belarus only for first place in the group:
"If you do not think so, then it is not necessary to play football. Then do not invite any foreign coaches, either. Well, how so?
Football presently aligned below. At the moment, a lot of teams that seem to be not claim to leadership in Europe and the world, bringing a huge amount of surprises. Such examples more and more. Means all over again will depend on how our team will be prepared for every game. "
Eduard Malofeev recommends taking the example of the Russian players:
"Why Our homeland overcomes the UK? And what are we, we can not overcome it? There that, in Russia, some very strong players?"
First deputy chairman of the Football Federation of Belarus Viktor Novikov behalf of the Group, which were Belarusians, "very difficult":
"Croatia, United Kingdom, Ukraine Kazakhstan yes the same — it’s not ordinary team. Because we can not say that the fate of us sympathized compared with other groups. I appreciate how difficult our group."
Sovereign Novikov notes that group games will begin almost a year. And for this time almost everything can change:
"Naturally, the United Kingdom lost Russia. But this does not mean that in a this year will be the same team. Closer to the qualifying tournament will be considered — see how Croatia will play at the European Championships, the UK and Ukraine hold friendlies. Will look for their condition.
The same can read about our team, about her condition. Because now I would not do long-term prognosis. "
In 1982, when Dinamo Minsk for the first time became the champions of Russian Union striker played for the team Igor Gurinovitch. He believes that the chance to get to the end in the current state of the team "no":
"Will nyakryvdna that did not come from the group. It really strong team we’ve got. Let above Kazakhstan and Andorra. But there is also the UK and Croatia, and Ukraine. Well, maybe more can be Ukraine "butt". Really need to look at the same things. "
Interested Igor Gurinovich, as if at the moment played favorites Russian Union if they were young and wore the form of state team Belarus? In response, I hear:
"A fascinating question. But I answer it awkward. You better ask the fans …"
Igor Gurinovitch adds that anyone lucky, so it’s fans. They can see the eyes of their very strong team. And if anyone raise glasses, so that they — Belarusian fans,
Head coach of the state team Belarus Bernd Stange considers his qualifying group is very strong:
"We see that we have before us is a difficult task. Belarus national hit in a very strong group. Highlighted in it, certainly, will be attracted to the teams of Croatia and the UK. But other teams I would not underestimate", — quotes Stange Reuters.
Football victory over the Netherlands became feeble consolation, 21.10.2007

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