The female orgasm

The female orgasm

Since the time of the sexual revolution in Europe, men have been paying great attention to the presence of orgasm for your partner, seeing it as one of his main evidence of male.

However, in Russia, all is not so rosy: according to surveys of our compatriots, among our male dominated sexual selfish. Some women have to wait many years to orgasm, or to put it in medical terms, the rhythmic contraction of the muscles of genitals, occurring at the time of the outflow of blood from them at the climax of sexual intercourse.

Types of Female Orgasm

Experts identify three types of orgasm in women:

· The clitoral — arising, respectively, from the stimulation of the clitoris (as a partner, and during masturbation).

· Vaginal. For vaginal orgasm stimulation of the vagina need a penis, finger or vibrator. By the way, the more often and more intense stimulation, the transience of the vaginal orgasm. When he reached a more sluggish movements, in the opinion of women is longer and deeper.

· Non-genital. This orgasm occurs by kissing, hugging and caressing, without any genital stimulation was. But such is able to orgasm a maximum of one out of ten women.

Usually orgasm a woman takes about 10 seconds, at least — to the minute. In addition to the single, there is such a thing as multiple orgasms. "Waves of Fun" is rolled, one after another, almost without interruption for nearly ten minutes, introducing a woman in complete ecstasy.

Every man (with rare exceptions) reaches the peak of pleasure during intercourse. As for women — feel pleasure only one in four. With the others, according to statistics, the situation is roughly as follows: approximately half of all women experience orgasm frequently, about 30% — is rare and about 17% — never.

Listen to your body

The problem is that many women simply do not know how to have an orgasm. Their partners are professionals in intimate matters, can cater to loss of consciousness — it still does not work. The reason for the lack of orgasm may be banal inability to listen to your feelings and to adequately assess them. For example, during the weasels woman can think, for example, about how it looks at the moment. Or, conversely, will ask to test the maximum pleasure and in search of a "volcano of passion" miss smooth, quiet happiness of intimate contact, affection, kisses … And then, the ability to experience sexual pleasure does not come by itself, just like that.

How does a woman determine that it is suitable to the peak of satisfaction, if she does not know the internal features of this condition, sensations that precede her own sexual gratification? Learn to listen to yourself. Learn your own body's own intimate reaction. The fact that the best school orgasm — is masturbation, mentioned more than once (of course, we are not talking about the replacement of the real sex life). And if woman once in my life experienced orgasm during masturbation — for it can be calm any sexologist: she was frigid from birth, is not devoid of ability experience pleasure in bed.

Physicians often have to listen to this kind of recognition, "Dating a guy for a few months, but I can not reach orgasm. The problem is that I do not dare to say this to his partner, he is so genuinely happy when I simulate an orgasm … Please advise me what to do, I'm starting to realize more and more that stupid cheat. " And all this with pain and tears, sometimes with promises to end her life. And only and should — professional consulting sexologist, who put everything in place.

Your doctor will explain what partner performs habitual actions, being sure that you have just that. On the other hand, every woman in the beginning of sexual activity takes place during physiological (ie, normal), anorgasmia. So it makes sense to tell your partner that you are something revered learned something and want to experience it with his help.

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