The Germans removed the bell

The newspaper "Evening Bobruisk" reports about the anniversary of Bobruisk school in which This year 70 years old. Come on prazdnichek graduate Lydia Yermoshina, Minister of Light Industry Eduard Naryshkin and other currently-known personality in the society.
Newspaper held a roundtable with businessmen and representatives of the administration. All had the opportunity to express their thoughts. In Bobruisk several shopping centers. Weave businessmen from 1 well may lose their jobs.
"Where hidden" Jozef "? Under the headline creator publication "Free deepest" examine the question of where the eminent bell, which is dubbed "Josef". In 1937, the bell was cast and presented to the town in a symbol of remembrance of Marshal Jozef Pilsudski, who was born on Vilenschina. He often visited the deepest, and his relatives had the Mozart.
Editor says "Free deepest" Vladimir Skrabatun:
"Later began the second Global War. The Germans gave the order to remove the bell. The Germans came to fetch the bell, but did not. According to local legend, the Germans shot those people, who filmed the bell. But there was one eyewitness. He was young and later went to Poland. In the 70s he came to deepest and read the local authorities, it must find the bell. And then in the 70s the church and the church want, in general, to bear. At the moment, the new priest Mieczyslaw states what you need find this buzz. "
In Profound for the church to build a parish house in handy. Priests began to find a place. But local residents remembered that previously stood on the site of the store plebaniya, built in Baroque style. Save Photo structure. Whether local authorities support the idea to revive the construction sight? Preserved for the future old city? Read about it in the most fresh newspaper "Free Deep."
Newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" reported that there remained only two firms-shops where you can repair mobile phone. Fact, after December 1 came into force a new law whereby master must not have a license to work, and the certificate.
Minsk will akeanaryyum-Dolphinarium. Zoo in the capital appeared in 1984. Now the city authorities decided to return the zoo and its increment area 6 times.

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