The government itself leads to the fact that Belarusians never moved

Reporter: "What needed to make or change the citizens of Belarus without problems could indeed, without obstacles to travel abroad? "
Man: "Of course, it is necessary to cancel the stamp in your passport, it is not needed, it is a violation of human rights. And that man went normally, it is necessary that at least the Republic of Belarus came into the Schengen area."
Young Man: "You know, cancellation stamp simplify travel abroad, but there are other difficulties in connection with the introduction of our close neighbors in the Schengen zone. Now we need to work on this issue, to somehow reduce the price of visas to facilitate the visa regime. "
Young Man: "I think it does not make it easier to travel abroad as the main problem is not in the stamp in the passport, and how to issue visas from foreign embassies."
Young Man: "What is this stamp in the passport that it is not still there are other issues: visas, also check before go abroad."
Old man: "In the benchmark need a free visa regime with all countries. The stamp in the passport — he unblemished formality. Will stamp the stamp is not so and so people will not completely free in the matter of crossing the border. "
Young Man: "Nothing really this does not change, just stamps could not cancel because it is a big source of revenue for."
Student: "I do not know what will cancel the stamp in the passport. Our country and so closed, metal curtain we still remain. Because now Belarusians do not have free travel abroad, it is not for us, I think so. "
Young Man: "Thirty thousand rubles for a stamp solve nothing dramatically since Belarus was like a third world country, in my opinion, and remains this state. "
His friend: "I think we will always have prepyadstviya with traveling abroad. Indeed, such problems have our own government, which they say that they are always with the people, as it says our president constantly because of something they wish that We had the same prepyadstviya, like them. And because nothing has changed in the best side, I think. "
Man: "After New Year’s unclear what else will. We Tipo cancel these stamps, but the main difficulty at the present moment — obtaining visas. Already all joke that Belarus — a peninsula in eastern Europe.
We live in a confined space. The government itself leads to the fact that Belarusians never moved, beheld nothing and want nothing, except how to look on TV and read BT "Sovetskaya Belorussia". All to go. "

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