The Japanese are dying

Japanese Ministry of Health released figures showing that in 2012. experienced the most significant reduction in the population of all time record keeping.

According to authorities, the 12 months born about 1.03 million people, and died — 1.24 million, thus the residents of the rising sun over the year gone by was less than 212,000.

In comparison with 2011 the number of births per woman in Japan decreased by 18 thousand in the ministry make a disappointing outlook, to overcome the negative trend in the next 50 years is unlikely to succeed — one woman will have 1.35 children ever born, well below the rate substitution.

The data show that every 25 seconds dies Japanese and only once in 31 seconds the new is born. To date, 2.8 per pensioner working compatriots. This is one of the lowest in the world, analysts called it "alarming."

To overcome the negative trend of the Japanese authorities are trying for the past two decades, not having achieved significant success. 2000s in the country's history were a period of growth in the number of migrants. 

The population of the eastern neighbor Russia is 125 million. If current trends continue, analysts expect this figure to drop in 2060 to 86 million

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