The last letter from the son Alla Klimova received two weeks reversed

Alla Klimova, mother of the political prisoner Andrei Klimov, who not so long ago was positioned in Mozyr colony, sent a telegram to the offspring. Here is the text:
"Why do not you write? Urgently inform about health. As with the products? Worry. Mother, Tanya. "
The last letter from the son Alla Klimova received two weeks back. Andrew wrote that he took away all the products, without which it is both unhealthy sweet diabetes can not manage. Reported that he had a sore heart, but he is forced to go to work. Now the family of a political prisoner worry not exclude that might happen to him even worse.
International Federation Human Rights announced its intention to make a support committee Andrei Klimov. Human rights activists are planning to organize a rally of solidarity with political prisoners on Worldwide. A what they do Belarus to help bolster Klimov?
Andrew comes to the United plainclothes game. Favourite Party Anatoly Lebedko told about the actions in support of like-minded people:
"We turned to each European embassy and the U.S. Embassy and the OSCE office, that diplomats were asked on their channels meeting with Klimov and after given impartial information about the state of his health, what happens to him. Parallel received a request to the department serving the sentence, which holds the control of the colony, so they checked the facts regarding the content Klimova. "
According to Anatoly Lebedko, is also preparing a series of street protests in support of political prisoners. In Belarus, such action will be the coming of the 10th of December, International Human Rights day.
Middle of October journalist Yevgeny Cucumbers now received the last letter from Andrey Klimov, in which each wrote about languishing in prison quarantine criteria. Andrei Klimov later stopped that Eugene Cucumbers considers a good sign:
"I’m afraid that he was troubled by the fact that it all away, and spoke. And for that, it could be placed in solitary confinement. Because he is silent."
Eugene Cucumbers said Klimov sent submissions on Russian-Belarusian human rights commission, headed Pamfilova. Two weeks later, the commission will hold a hearing and Eugene hopes that will be considered and the situation around his friend Klimov.
That just might happen to Andrei Klimov for two weeks? Attendant Mozyr colony generally refuses read about it concluded.
Reporter: "You in the 18th squad has concluded Andrei Klimov. Maybe there is information as it feels, because he is very sick? "
Policeman: "And who are you such? Journalist Do not know such a convict."

Andrei Klimov was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment colony in serious mode for anti-government article on the Web. Hearing was closed because details of the case are unknown.
Adresok Klimau:
247760 Gomel region, Mozyr. IR-20 Dr. Andrei Klimov
Since the late 1990s it’s already the third sentence Andrei Klimov, which the world recognized prisoner of conscience.

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