The most popular resource materials for 2012 Part 2

On the surface — the Mormons, but in fact sect pedophiles, sadists and perverts hiding behind religious dogma

Liberty, equality, filtration. Igor Ashmanov about the "scandalous" law on black lists on the Internet

The Pentagon — fiend

The American Dream has led Americans to Hell

United States: time to reap the fruits of

My discovery of America. VV Mayakovsky

What is Russia lagged behind Europe in modern times?

Cultural holidays of British gentlemen

Applied worldwide strategy of total destruction and terror, the U.S. military has worked on his own population

The drug trade, military terror organization "orange revolutions": the struggle for the democratization of the United States of the Mediterranean 200 years ago.

Instructions from the Americans

Public executions — a European entertainment

As he was fighting, soldiers 'democracy'?

Where are you, bitch painted Madonna? Where are you, Sting? Where, finally, you old fag Elton John?

Japanese Ainu genocide — the original inhabitants of Hokkaido and northern islands

Liberalism, declared war on traditional values, draws its ideological roots of the neo-Marxist Frankfurt School

Americans have turned to singles, so they would have consumed

Sexual "education of children" — deeply unscientific and dangerous! The report of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, 2012

Russia — the major obstacle to the Global America

As Western capitalism was built: the famine and mass murder in the colonies

The protest against Russia in New York has gone through some wrong script. Getting damned

Ethics of Liberty: Libertarian attitude towards abortion

Mad Dog and owner will bite: how Georgia came to success

English holocaust in Bengal

Shop human flesh in London

Negros in zoos enlightened Europe

American death camps

When the British government solves the problem of "difficult childhood", Hitler is better to stand on the sidelines

New York has never felt the approach of Halloween …

Weekdays tolerant of transgender

Generation of lies

In Britain, the Christians banned from adopting children

On the Protestant and Russian spirit — an interview with Natalia Narochnitskaya

Requiem for my deteriorating nation

20 reasons against "It's time to throw out of the country"

The most popular resource materials for 2012 Part 1

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