The number of thefts of mobile phones in the U.S. has increased dramatically

The police departments of major U.S. cities have reported a sharp increase in the number of thefts of mobile phones. This type of crime is the most common today in Oakland, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York.

Thus, in the Big Apple smartphone thefts increased by 27% since the autumn of 2011. Criminals tend to take up modern Soup in subway stations or a train. The victims are most often adolescents and women.

In Oakland, California more than 1,300 people have lost smartphones in the last twelve months. And the theft has increased dramatically, when Apple introduced the iPhone 5 smartphone. Oakland police are now strongly recommends that people do not take the phone to a deserted place and "mask" devices with the help of special cases.

Currently, Congress is trying to increase the punishment for stealing a cell phone. If the bill of the New York Senator Charles Schumer approved, then the fake IDs smartphones will be punished by five years' imprisonment.

Annual losses from theft of smartphones in the United States is estimated at $ 30 billion. And if before the criminals set ourselves the purpose of selling stolen phone, but now they are cashing also due to data stored in devices (credit card numbers, passwords of bank accounts, copies of Social Security cards, etc.)

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