The opposition may ask the U.S. government to lift sanctions

The proclamation expresses readiness to ask the U.S. government to "promote investment in Belarusian economy, see the issue of the loan, to lift sanctions against Belarusian officials and companies. "
But the opposition is able to do only after certain steps of the official Minsk — "the release of all political prisoners, end the repression against democratic activists, equal performance criteria for the media, that the practice of non-registration public organizations, make configurations in the electoral law. "
The delegation Alexander Milinkevich, Sergei Kalyakin, Paul Seviarynets, Anatoly Lebedko, Anatoly Lewkowicz, Enira Branitskaya and Dmitri Fedoruk.
"Our ability in Washington, Berlin, Warsaw, even more than the Belarusian authorities"
Chairman of the Joint civilian party Anatoly Lebedko he explained it, it was a preventive measure:
"We know how to leave the representatives of the united democratic forces in the country’s borders, the Belarusian propaganda machine immediately starts to work and give explanations for what purpose, what we leave there.
We simplify their work and explain at the outset that we are ready to work constructively for the future of Belarus.
First paragraph deals political prisoners, freedom of the media, of election campaigns OSCE standards, respectively.
And if the government takes positive steps to positively solve these questions, then the consequence will be that we are willing to use their powers, abilities, their potential in the international arena, that contribute to the solution of national problems.
That our ability in Washington, Berlin, Warsaw, even more than the Belarusian authorities, it can not be doubted.
So if the petition for the public interest, the country’s future, then you need to do. But we can do together, and starting from the authorities, and by adherents of the change. That’s the essence of our public statements and appeals to the authorities. "
Ask a delegation of Belarusian democratic forces in Washington!, 28.11.2007

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