The problem of compensation of the deposits disappear with the death of the compilers?

Two "Lada" — a pan and a box of vodka
» Somewhere I elderly Kukso of Ivenets lost as a result of currency reforms of the early 90s of the last century 11 thousand Russian rubles. Then these funds could buy 2 cars "Lada". After indexing in the late 1990s have acquired an old pot and boots for autumn hostess Mrs. Nina, also a case of vodka to the Emperor Nicholas. But days are called the stump of the local branch of "BBK" and invited the bank to close their accounts — on the grounds that there was not much money:
"And I’m against it, as there is not much more that will be? This is my calloused means lying — and let lie. Whom they interfere?"
Reporter: "And in" Belarusbank "What motivates this need?"
"Yes, they say nothing. Just say that money is not enough, you need to close the account. But I am against. Since I cashing these funds while their corn, they were huge, and I needed tremendous work put into them. So why at this point I should abandon their? And yet, I say, something will change and I’ll get the money because you have to. Because so themselves and lead. After all, where does it fit? This president promised that for the lost funds will refrigerator, a TV set. People believe and expect the same to this day. If I do not believe, you do not expect. But waiting to get their money that I had. And not telly with a fridge — I do not these heavenly Munk should be fed. "
And what is the situation with the payment of contributions in other post-Soviet countries whose nationals in 1991, also lost their savings? According to official data, in Azerbaijan 1 Russian ruble equaled to 1 buck (about 2140 rubles). In Lithuania, the Russian ruble is worth 1 litas (about 30 evratsentav or 830 rubles). In Russia, for every Russian ruble equivalent give 165 rubles, in Estonia — 21.4 rubles. Payment is held in Belarus on the basis of 1.7 Br per 1 ruble Russian period.
Where to get 30 billion for compensation?
In This year expired acts Lukashenka’s decree of 1998 "On the compensation of depreciated deposits and bonds motivated interest-free loan in 1990 …". Even at the end of last year» Prime Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky promised new step compensation Russian deposits, which has not yet begun.
According to estimates of the National Bank of Belarus, as a result of currency reform of the Russian government in 1991 Belarusians lost more than 30 billion Russian rubles. But as stated representative of the National Bank Anatoly Drozdov, certain steps to deposit compensation to citizens is difficult to achieve — for this purpose would have to find 10’s billions of dollars:
"I remember there was a couple of years back the commission of the president: to study this issue. It was investigated in including and the National Bank. We made suggestions. But realize what the problem? No money! At a certain development in the economy to find them, certainly, it is possible. But imagine how much money it needs! Even if equate to each other to buck (we will not have to take the course of 1 dollar = 62 kopecks, which was then officially), the cost is an issue — 30 billion dollars. And this despite the municipal budget of 20 billion! That count: where to take the same amount, even more so in such a difficult situation. In short, this question is still frozen. And not impartial to the National Bank in this issue no complaints. "
Instead funds — refrigerators and televisions?
In 1996, Alexander Lukashenko has promised to make a special compensation fund, in which accumulated to 50% of the funds from the privatization of municipal property. Significant portion of the expected redirect affected investors. But a couple of years Lukashenko said indexing means to the level of Russian times need some billion dollars, and in the budget surplus is not.
"We need to build roads, housing, provide medical service" — was justified Lukashenko. With all this emphasized that the task of the government is not adhodits and will find ways of its solution. Later there were promises to move from commodity exchange on the matter: the victims had read about compensation TVs, refrigerators, washing machines and other products manufactured in Belarus.
Russian contributions flowed to the crooks?
As the economist Alexander Chubrik, due to the enclosure of the Belarusian economy rely on zaluchenne investments using which can be would register lost deposits, it is unlikely:
"And to this day Belarus did not differ in the successes of bolshennymi zaluchenni investment. The problem is that if the same Ukraine, Russia going privatization business develops, Belarus in this sense is quite a closed country. Majority of our investments — loans that companies have formed already long enough in Belarus and its subsidiaries currently invest in them, give them their debts, and these subsidiaries are those loans after a while return back. Examples of new capital quite little. And of course why — because there is no privatization or the creation of new business specifically because of such public policy — with regard to investment and privatization. "
The representative of the National Bank Anatoly Drozdov states that since the late 1990s looked at various options for compensation of lost deposits. Bank offered to issue securities backed by government guarantees, as payments would be made from the budget. Taking foreign loans payments on municipal financiers views, was not very appropriate. Formally, the funds could be turn up in those first 1990 bought cheaply state property and now has billion other words means in nature there, they just changed owners. But this is unlikely to become public knowledge.
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