The senator proposed to abolish the city of Detroit

Senator in Congress, the State of Michigan, Rick Jones did not rule out that the city of Detroit may be disbanded because of the difficult financial situation.

According to Jones, the city could be divided between the other localities in Wayne County, if he is declared bankrupt. Detroit several years in a state of financial crisis, but by the end of the year the situation has deteriorated to such an extent that by the middle of December, the city could be left without money.

The state requires to Detroit signed a three year contract with the law firm of Miller Canfield, who have advised the city in a difficult position. But last week, the City Council could not approve the contract as a result of Detroit has not received the first tranche of financial aid from the state of $ 10 million.

By mid-December, the city could be left without money. By the end of the year the city authorities hope to attract 30 million through the issuance of bonds, but the management staff is ready to allocate these funds only if they meet certain conditions, which can not yet Detroit, said "Channel 8".

In this case, employees will be from January 1, 2013 sent on unpaid leave. In this case, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder also did not rule out a possible bankruptcy of Detroit. We add debts Detroit on long-term bonds exceeds $ 12 billion.

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