The smallest number of those who are willing to exchange independence

If previously dominated aspirations that Belarus had closely deal with Russia (for which he spoke two thirds of the population), now the figure is reduced as the number of falls and those who favor integration with a united Europe. Article according to new research registered in Lithuania independent Institute of Socio-economic and political research contains the most fresh in your own room Newspaper "New Era".
For the restoration of the USSR currently expressed only 12 percent of respondents. Decreases the number of those who are willing to exchange a piece of butter on independence. Previously, economic well-being on the first place to put 80 percent of respondents, at the moment — 60 percent, but the fraction of those that believe in the importance own up to 32 percent. It indicates, that in the minds of people the main principle: Belarus — an independent government.
Columnist "Belarusians and Market" Akulich Alexander talks about the concept of the Belarusian population security and concludes that the practice of supporting large families has a number of shortcomings. Increasing the amount of kids in the family leads to a reduction in real resources for their education — so many children occasionally ancestors to their descendants can provide a decent education because kids from such families are usually made of low-skilled workers. And that, experts said, will lead to a shortage of trained personnel.
Together with those created by the article "Kids: 3rd excessive?" Draws attention out in Belarus there are lots of women who can not bear even the 1st baby, as the fear of losing a job and the highest earnings. Many also want to have a 2-children. Their economic incentives can significantly do better demographic situation.
Newspaper "Evening Brest" You can find out whether profitably be an inhabitant of the village, which is attached to Brest. Former villagers so far only on the passport become urban residents, but the conditions of their life difficult until now — there are problems with transport, schools and kindergartens, shops sell only the most necessary, and in everything else need to go too far into the center of town. Coupled with the fact added also some disadvantages that brings urban residence. Thus, for example, 6 times the rate increase groundnut tax.

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