The strategy of liberation A. Finkevich

Now at the Committee meeting in the liberation activist unregistered organization "Young Front" Artur Finkevich approved a plan strategies and strategies to protect the political prisoner during the trial.
A court date has been scheduled. Artur Finkevich will be judged in the court of the October district of Mogilev. His blame that while serving their sentence on "chemistry" for political graffiti in Mogilev special settlement, Arthur Tipo broke the house rules.
The Committee, which is headed Alexander Milinkevich, Favorites include the democratic parties, public figures, activists of youth organizations. At this meeting, attended by Lyudmila Hraznova, Ella Goreckaya, Paul Seviarynets, Enira Branitskaya, activists "Young Front".
Committee members spread the address mothers and grandmothers Arthur, living on the street in Minsk Uborevicha 166-83. They rely, people sent a letter to the families of Arthur. About 200 people were willing to come to the tribunal over Artur Finkevich from Minsk and regions of Belarus.
Alexander Milinkevich believes that in this case a very fundamental importance to international support.
Milinkevich: "International pressure is very important. They declare that they are for freedom, human rights and are increasingly more often and make a specific case. ‘Cause I believe, now effective international solidarity as never before. Power tries to squeeze it to the Council of Europe, trying to have investment, technology. We are not alone. "
Paul Seviarynets: "Around vessels during criminal cases with newspapers, with the proliferation of disk imaging, solidarity with the student will, indeed, a very good support Arthur. Harassment" Young Front "is not terminated, but the Young very responsible. They do not break down and we will support them in This nyazlomnastsi them. "

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