The Tribunal did not return at the Institute Dmitry Zhaleznichenka

Disclaimer explained to the referee that Dmitry Tipo systematically violated internal rules. This is the way, a voice on the court and representatives of the Institute.
The Emperor himself Zhaleznichenka believes the judge’s decision unfair, but so is not surprised:
"I believe that this sentence was unfair, because during the meeting it was completely obvious that the defenders from the Institute no evidence of my guilt. In-independent judicial system, if it was, I was very taken aback to this decision. How do I Dean says during our preventive conversations, you yourself understand everything. "
Chairman of the official trade union institute student Koltysheva Hope, giving evidence in court, very zdivlyalasya as trade union must protect students.
By the way, the students themselves feel excluded from the middle of the best institute Dmitry classmates:
"Some are trained flush with Dimitri, but it is better, perhaps, no one learns. I, on As the last, I do not know of, "- said one of the students of the institute.
Youth activist, speaking at the Institute in support of Dmitry Zhaleznichenka believes that the court’s refusal to return to academic honors once again assured violation students: "I think the verdict was illegal and again assured the rights of students in our country. "
Municipal flag in the judge’s chambers — feet up
Incidentally, the last court session, which was held on November 2, Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics Sergei Zhogal could not explain what still expressed system disorders excellent students of the Internal Regulations. Representative of the Institute Ira Pukhlyakova and then got up from his seat and straightened Dean: "You have confused! Think that reads! . "
Dean initially gave explanations in the judge Tselkova, as the hall was occupied. The participants saw the official municipal flag on a pole in the office hung up his feet.
Institute decided to get rid of A-student, Faculty of Mathematics after, in September the institution has received a letter from the tax inspectorate rendered Zhaleznichenka economic Tribunal for his role in organizing a concert of Belarusian bards fine — Tipo for illegal business activities.
Rector of the Institute wrote to Alexander Rogachev paper provost for educational work and ideology Sergei Haneni th Dean, Faculty of Mathematics Sergei Zhogal.
Sovereign Hanenya explained in court that he personally razbirannem not engaged. Dean, in turn, wrote a memorandum addressed to the rector, in which honors only put on the negative side.
By Dmitry Zhaleznichenka wants to appeal to a higher court the current refusal of the district court to return it to the Institute.
He plans to file a complaint and the State Control Committee to be unsubscribed from the Ministry of Education to understand its baseless charges.
"Well, I’m an optimist in life — what to do?"- Says Dmitry Zhaleznichenka.
• Gomel last student appeals against exclusion, 25.010.2007

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