The truth about the well-fed to Europe, or … Who is the last for some bread?

Bread place. Helsinki

The crisis dopek Finns so that they do not become enough money to buy bread. Modern Finland is similar to the USSR Gorbachev era, but instead of drunken bread queues here.

A research center for the first time questioned those Finns who stood in line for free bread and other foods. The survey involved 905 people — the inhabitants of Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo. The study — part of the project, ongoing throughout the country.

Many Finns to get a free meal ashamed. 40% of respondents are afraid that "neighbors and friends know about it."

Nearly all consumers free bread (92%) said that the food they have left the salary maximum of one hundred euros per month.

Does not the fact that if you're smart, rich. Nowhere is the well-known opinion debunked as in Finland. The results showed that a good education — not a guarantee of income. Half of the respondents hungry has completed secondary vocational education. No need to think that over the bread are visiting. Immigrants in the queues, only a quarter.

The economic crisis dopekayut and Britain. The country has increased significantly the number of "food banks" — charities, handing out food poor. Those who get up in Britain in the hungry queue over the last year has doubled.

The new soup kitchens open every three days. The number of Britons living below the poverty line, will soon be over 13 million. The cost of food in the UK over the past five years has increased by 32%. Especially rising prices in this capitalist country before Christmas.

Since last year, a jump of appeals to food banks hungry young people.

Anonymous says: "The first time I came here, I felt somehow uncomfortable. I do about these centers is not known. I even cried. But the people I met friendly and reassured. "

British painting complements survey sociological center «Tesco». His results show, that for every ten families in the UK hunger — everyday reality. In order not to leave children hungry, the mother moved to three meals a day: Monday, Wednesday, Friday. This is not a joke, many women eat in a day. 9% of the population over the last year often left without eating all the children ate. Some families rely on friends or relatives. The queues in the "food banks" will grow.

However, starve the British, as the Finns have little time. After all … coming to an end.

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