The U.S. Army abroad, fear and degradation

While the U.S. is fighting for "equality and democracy" around the world, and their army of moral decay. Soldiers serving outside the state, commit serious crimes: rape, robbery and murder. However, most of them getting away with it, but the facts are ignored. So what do the U.S. military away from your home country?

States have a number of military bases abroad, and the number of officers and soldiers passing there service is very large. Every now and then the media leak information about improper conduct of U.S. soldiers abroad. Drunken brawls, fights, robbery and rape — this is an incomplete list of their crimes.

In April 2012, the Los Angeles Times published the photos, which were taken off U.S. soldiers posing with the body parts of dead suicide bombers. A total of 18 published photos that were there from the soldier of the 82nd Airborne Division. As the newspaper reported that two years ago the soldiers of the unit were sent to the place of attack for identification of demolition where they were made these scandalous pictures.

Many global publication noted that the shocking photographs show the level of culture and morality in the U.S. Army, to which the United States Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said that the act of several soldiers in no way reflects the level of morality in the U.S. Army as a whole. However, he said, the soldiers posing for the photographs, which clearly guilty and should be punished. Pentagon officials called their inhuman act.

And this is not the first case — a year ago on the web was taken video of several American soldiers who served in Afghanistan, Taliban corpses desecrated. And in February of that year, it was reported that the military airbase at Bagram in Afghanistan staged a "show", which publicly burned, according to various estimates, from 60 to 80 years of religious books, among them even the Koran.

However, the actions of U.S. troops and civilians suffer. Since the scandal erupted in May 2012, and the reason for his actions were the beginning of General Sinclair, who served in Afghanistan. Media reported that Jeffrey Sinclair was accused of many crimes, including violence, illegal acts of a sexual nature with regard to subordinate women, sodomy, bullying. When the search he found a solid stock of CDs with pornography. In addition, the general was charged with possession of alcohol, failure to orders of their superiors, etc. softest prosecution was improper and ill-treatment of subordinates.

Experts from the U.S. Department of Defense said that the crimes of General Sinclair, a famous military leader, who spent in the Armed Forces for over 27 years, greatly undermined the spirit of the American army. Sinclair's crimes were so serious that the materials were going to hear a very long time — the court held only on November 5 this year. One of the main charges that were brought against the general, was the rape of five women, four of whom were his subordinates. General threatened one of the victims of physical violence and even death if she told anyone about their "connection."

The agency "Al-Jazeera" notes that this case is not the only one — to his knowledge, in 2011 about 3.2 thousand women in different countries have suffered from the actions of American military personnel. The Pentagon had to admit that this is only a small part — most of the victims feared complain to the local authorities for fear of reprisals. Of sexual assault affects not only local residents, but also female soldiers of the U.S. Army. One of the nurses who served in Afghanistan, noted that more feared harassment from their fellow soldiers than the enemy attacks.

Doctor of Political Sciences of the State University of San Francisco, Aaron Belkin notes that the culprit is really low culture and morality in the U.S. Army, as well as the practice of concealment of crimes committed by U.S. military personnel.

Some of the mysteries of the U.S. Army did become public. Not so long ago began the trial of 38-year-old Sergeant Robert Bales, served in Afghanistan — in March of this year alone Bailes shot 16 civilians, among them nine children. The prosecution needs to apply to Robert Bales capital punishment — execution, but it is not known whether the court agrees with the prosecution. At least in the last half-century no service member was sentenced to death.

Despite the mass crimes of war, few criminals caught is punished. Media noted that the Pentagon has no desire to investigate crimes committed by U.S. soldiers overseas, and even more so to punish those responsible. However, some "demonstration" for the shares still held — this may include the trial of General Sinclair.

By the way, not so long ago, the U.S. Defense Department banned the military who are serving on the island of Okinawa, drink alcoholic beverages outside the military base. Now the soldiers and officers are limited in libations stronger than those who serve in the U.S. — this decision was taken after the Okinawa happened a few egregious cases involving drunk American soldiers.

For example, in October of this year, two drunken American soldiers raped the girl. And in August, was arrested infantryman, is attacked by a local woman. Even earlier, in 2006, an officer in the U.S. Air Force was caught after a double rape, reports the International Herald Tribune. 

It is noteworthy that the majority of crimes committed by servicemen or drunk — at the request of the same International Herald Tribune, about a third of crimes were committed by drunken soldiers.

The more of these cases, the more the Pentagon is trying to hide them from the public. While the U.S. is trying by all means to fight for the idea of "equality and democracy," the foundation of the state — the army — decomposes enormous speed.

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