The worlds best U.S. health care system is in last place in the ranking of developed countries

Dr Peter Lind (Peter Lind) on medical specialty physician, nutritionist and expert on emotional stress. Currently heads the health clinic in Salem, Oregon, United States, metabolic and neurological practice chiropractic.

The U.S. has the best health care system in the world. But do you realize how bad health we Americans?

We get sick earlier and earlier and live longer and longer, but with the flawed health.

American health care [in terms of public health] in last place in the ranking among the developed countries. At last!

One out of three of our fellow citizens with all developing diabetes complications. Every second provided cardiovascular disease or heart attack. 22% of Alzheimer's disease and ill every time you're joking about the gaffes committed by "getting old" — you approach it.

Nearly three-quarters of us are overweight and have to deal with all the consequences of this. And the children of our business is not better. But worse than before:

— one in three American children are overweight

— one of the six learning problems

— one of nine asthma

— one out of ten immunodeficiency

— one of twelve — food allergies

— one of the twenty — epilepsy or other forms of seizures

— one of the 54 boys with autism

— One of 88 children of both sexes is autistic.

Who is responsible for all this?

The problem is more one's individual responsibility.

This is the grave of our society. If all this continues, we will bury themselves in the next generation.

Everyone will have to pay and I do not mean the insurance. Insurance is not related to health. All of which makes insurance — it offers the best opportunity to pay a health provider.

We have weak leaders in the health system.

Is it possible to levy a tax on health? No. But srednestaticheskogo American has no chance to become healthy and stay healthy at the level of corruption that prevails in the area of medical research, medical associations, public institutions (especially the FDA). After all, our country is progressing towards health coverage for all its inhabitants.

In the American health care system needs a radical cleaning.

Genetic engineering in agriculture should be fully, including ethically analyzed to verify that it makes the health of people around the world.

All ineffective, do not meet their intended medical services and drugs to disappear from the market.

All vaccines should be appreciated for what they look like in reality represent.

We do not need insurance to improve the health care system in the United States. We must turn the entire health care system as a whole. Since the available statistics screams about what is being done — is wrong.

Health — is first and foremost an individual need rather than social, which is why it should be an individual approach, not a social, which does not work.

New health provider should address their specific individual services, offering a unique way of acquiring, preserving and maintaining health.

Today, many experts are fragmented patients. No one can function in pieces.

While not apply to the whole, this is fragmented approach will cause problems.

American health care unfit, but how much we still have to wait until someone will undertake to record the matter.

The future does not look healthy. It hurt, and the Americans know it well.

Seattle, November 4, 2012

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