They took out the subscription catalog newspaper Kommersant : I’m desperate!

For what? All — via television!
Before the entrance to the main post office in Minsk — crowded. Ask those who go — or have a habit of subscribing to duplicate publication or take them in kiosks convenient?
Lady: "No".
Radio Liberty"But why?"
Lady: "I do not know everything — on TV."
Woman: "My brother writes, he works with the police."
Radio Liberty"And what is the publication"?
Woman: "On Guard", a magazine, a newspaper, and even I do not remember exactly how. "
Radio Liberty"And what topics they?"
Woman: "And there about everything: announcements, telecast … Oblige them to work sign, we have enough. "
Young Man: "Rarely. If I possess, the "Bel". In the main, I read on the web — it’s easier. "
Man: "No, do not read. Only Web."
Woman: "Yes. "Sovetskaya Belorussia", "Unity". I read everything, but in the main — "Unity". There about our city and in general can write a lot of exciting find. "
Lady: "purchase. "Antenna", "Teletext" … Well, everything. "
Can not subscribe to "Kommersant"
One of my buddies out of the Head Post Office in tears at the sight. My question explained:
Woman: "removed from the subscription catalog all publications of the publishing house" Kommersant ": and" Media "and" Power "and the newspaper" Kommersant ". I am in despair, not just words — they were the only publications that are worth reading with viewpoint an» impartial analysis. "
No subscription catalog and newspaper "CH plus. Free announcements plus. " Although sales through kiosks "Belposhta" popular newspaper, chief editor knows Basil Zdanyuk:
"Subscriptions not. And it is not the first year — 5 years we refused — just do not include subscription catalog. At the moment, almost 18 thousand copies and almost all residues of sale. "
Newspaper "Narodnaya Volya"Refute not only spread through the sign catalog, and sales through kiosks. But the publisher Joseph Syaredzich keeps optimist:
"As always, we asked our readers to do payment via post offices and branches" Belarusbank "to the end of December. And, we hope that readers will be even more. Now the newspaper has a circulation of 11 thousand. I think it will grow because we give out a good newspaper. "
• Compulsory subscription: a document from the Ministry of Education, 21.09.2007

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