This is the flag chosen by history itself, and not a temporary policy

Lyosik wrote in 1917 in "Free Belarus", "Bolshevizm — is the cultural and public barbarisms and meanwhile, Great Russian nationality, nor looking at his indignation, nothing to do with it nor can. Public order and state economy zruynovany to the ground and Russian demokratyya, shrouded in fatal paralysis zanipadu only complains and whines sudarozhna clings zginuvshy post maskovskago centralism. "
"Farmer’s Field" in 1927, said: "All the same occasion the name" petticoat Summer "has a base in old Slavic mythology. Our forefathers worshiped bozhastvav "Baba", which is represented in two people: "Golden Baba" and "Ezhybaby." Golden Baba belonged to the women of the highest, most powerful and naidobreyshy. She was listed as the goddess of summer, light and pladavitastsi vsevedannya. Was the patroness radilnits and babies … Goddess of winter, cold and bad weather in Chekhov called "Ezhybaba."
"Freedom" on This week in 1997 reports: "Climbers Minsk City Touring Club this summer rose to the highest point of the Caucasus — Mount Elbrus. At the top — and it is 5642 meters above sea level — they set Belarusian flag. III year student of geological faculty of BSU Gennady Lord:" We carried white-red-white flag as we believe it specifically emblem Russia. This is the flag chosen by history itself, and not a temporary policy. "

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