Tim Kirby of the U.S. electorate

As a foreigner in Russia, I am often asked serious questions about America, which is very difficult and time to respond. Expect short response that can not be given. For example: "And that's what Americans think about (please write in)? …". Why not short answer? Because, as people with Russian passports — and many are all different, and Americans — are also very different. But in general — I'll try to explain how Americans think about politics and how to understand their political views.

For starters, in order to understand the Americans need to understand why they have a two-party system. The answer in short is that it's because Americans believe in his way, and only argue about the little things. From the beginning, the American states were 2 factions, then they were called the Federalists and Antifederalists, and now the Republicans and the Democrats. The names — are not important. Russian should be understood that these two parties always for the system and the constitution (and not, for example, the communists in a capitalist country, wanting a completely different system). They just have different views on how best to implement this — no doubt true — the American system.

Russian is difficult to understand how important the constitution for the Americans. I can say that the United States without a constitution — is like Christianity without the Bible. Although the interpretation of the constitution argue, give it up — heresy (of course, those who want to globalism, the constitution is not respected, but they — "international citizens" rather than Americans).

These two views are shared by all the political issues between them. Republicans in principle for the free use of the weapon, and therefore Democrats — opposed in principle. Democrats for freedom of abortion — of course, the Republicans opposed.


Of course it is — the theory and there are exceptions. You also can not forget that these "moral stance" parties in the state media, but the practical application of very different lifetimes.

After the death of Kennedy, the party became almost identical in their actions. They say, as before, that they are enemies, but their actions are the same — a war abroad, deindustralizatsiya America, the violation of privacy of citizens, etc. It must be emphasized that this is an article about how Americans think. In this context, it does not matter that the parties were the same and act the same. Because all of the rhetoric is still divides Americans into two large groups.

Once again, we must understand that the liberal and conservative Americans for the system and for the constitution, just their understanding of the system and the constitution are different. And — yes, this division through the left right, respartiya Democratic Party — is a way to design world-Americans. But I think that now in America, there was something more than the "two-party paradigm."

Of course, have always been and will be "centrist" and "independent", which, of course, not be forgotten. The centrists have mixed position — something from the right and from the left side. From the black and white paint make themselves gray. Independent do not consider themselves "the party", but before they were few and still often they voted for the members of the "dvuhgolovnoy party" United States. Now the situation is changing, but still so far filtiriruyutsya their views through the lens of a two-party system. Libertarians believe themselves to be real "right", and the green (progressives) — these "left". Although they are not Democrats and Republicans, they still believe in the two-party paradigm. In America (since my birth) No heavy traffic, which would be outside of this paradigm, such as the Nazis or Communists.

In my childhood in the 80's in this system and in the two major parties believed the majority. Now, neither of the two parties could not get more than 50% of the votes of Americans live in a fair vote. Some even say that the "independent" Americans today — is more than 40% of voters. And this number is increasing constantly. Take the remaining 60% share in the two games — and it turns out only about 30% for each of the two big parties.

What does this mean? This means that the largest group of Americans against two-party system. Therefore, we can not now so easy to talk about the American political views nor the term "democracy" and "Republicans" or the terms "left" and "right" nor the terms "conservative" and "liberal." Because it is made out a new political axis. Now America is, perhaps, no longer a one-dimensional system, and a new dimension, a new axis of disengagement. It's hard to say exactly what this axis, but I think that this is due to globalization and the way that went to America after the Soviet collapse. I will try to explain this phenomenon, as I understand it. Do not forget that this — the theory. I'm not a genius, not a prophet, and it's just — theory.

Look at the new second axis of political views in America. An explanation of these positions — below. The names of the following groups chosen by me.


drawn by me  


The word "core" in this case means the Russian analogue of "nativists." This is a group of people who came to the conclusion that America is flawed and the republic and its principles — are dead. They talk about the Constitution and the founders of the United States citations as priests talk about their religion. They want to "restore the Republic" and denounce the Fed and the "tyranny" of the American government. About U.S. they write about the same as the Russian patriotic bloggers. These people hate the U.S. media and do not trust them. Rush tudey and independent news on YouTube — are more popular in America than either Fox or CNN. This is thanks to the support of the "core".

The "core" thinks that Americans in general have forgotten what America (and others like me, were taught properly in school, so I do not understand what its essence). Their discussions revolve around the question, what happened? Why America was not "America"? — And so on. The core is too high, I do not know what percentage of the population it covers, but this — just thinking — a group of American traditionalists and "strictly soblyudateley constitution" increases.

But of course, even though the core — a collection of true American patriots, not every sane his representative. In this environment, a lot of paranoia (including such exotic options, as believers in the fact that the Queen of England — a lizard), conspiracy theorists, people who speak boldly, takes off with weapons — but it is actually quite cowardly and loving comfort. They — Russian analogue of "irreconcilable patriots" boomy, they will certainly begin to "act" for the sake of America — but only when it becomes impossible to live. I recall that in the Kyrgyz revolution started because of the huge rise in prices for food and turn off heating in the winter. Well, just about under such circumstances (lack of food) will become active "core". While that is — rhetoric.

However — when talking about the Russian autonomous, moral, ordinary Americans, they are talking about the core. Conversely, for those "Russian", who think that gay pride parades and tolerance produce wealth of the West, the "core" will be a big disappointment.

Conservative star of "core" or that the enemies kospirolog number 1 — Alex Johns

Liberal "nuclear" — Tom Hartmenn

Brainwashed weight

This short "Americans Zadornov." Thick stupid undead that is focused on the lives of the stars and football. In my opinion, the Soviet Union was the name of Russian people "scoops." Zombies believe that the TV shows and the world did not know. AND DO NOT WANT to know. It is they and their apathy, in fact, allowed to continue the destruction of America. They are the ones who buy everything cheaply, so that other Americans have lost their jobs. This is how they are thick, they can not really go (but Wal-mart free mini-chariot, so life is good.) So they can continue to buy Chinese plastic trash and poisonous food. They are the ones who suffer with a smile politkorektnost, juvenile justice, and a life without health insurance.

They love America — but nothing about it do not know and do not do anything. This mass — the main barrier to any changes in the American community. Please do not confuse weight with the poor. And the toothless guy living somewhere in the mountains, and "iPhone-idiot" in "Starbucks" may still be in the zombie mass. 

(Some idiot in the comments write that I hate America, I'm just saying that there are a lot of people that have nothing to do not know and do not think. Should note: this is not only in America there. Dom-2 also, as far as I I know well so far earns. reality — not an insult).


They are the ones who were in the ranks of the fat zombie, but slowly "move" closer to the "core". As I said, 10 or 20 years ago, the "core" at almost was not. Now began a movement to it. This situation is similar to Russia: for example, some five years ago in Russia could speak openly about this sovereignty?

Americans are slowly realizing that their system is flawed, they move to the "core". But many of them are understandably scared openly declare that they believe in the philosophy of the "core". For example, "running over" already believes that corporations have too exorbitant for their power and interests of the U.S. attack on Iraq. But he still morevote for Obama — because he simply can not believe that Arabs are tortured in military camps. He is not ready to recognize that great system, "American experiment" may be falling apart. 


Liberal running over — Chenko Yugur: "Well, corporations have they rule and elections unfair, but let's vote for Obama — because he is liberal" (not a quote, but a paraphrase position)

Conservative running over — Glenn Beck: "Of course, Obama — the enemy. But let's forget about bankers who finance it. (Also not a quote, but a paraphrase)

System (Conspiracy theorists are called "keepers")

"System" — is the one who is not stupid and understands a lot of what is going on in the world. But he is still confident that the current path is correct and all the main well. Or maybe he likes to globalization or the most important "free market." If the "core" — the traditional view of America and the world, then the "system" — a look-modern / contemporary. In short, these people deliberately for the "United States, they are" and are happy to exchange rate on the global future.

They are very happy with all the things that scare Russian conservatives in Western life — and believe these things are true. 

If you read that foreigners in Moscow, Russia write about, you often read system. Great American media have such views (more or less) without exception, so it gives the impression of the public opinion in the West. (CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, etc.)

We can not forget that the "system" as the police and the army. Although many military move to the "core" after the service or silently support him during the service — still, these government bodies in nature "systemic".

However, there is in America, and the organization of police and soldiers, stating that the most important thing to respect their oath. This organization is campaigning serving in the army and police "never follow orders that are contrary to the oath." This is how it suggests to us that now many orders contrary to the oath. In a sense, the existence of this organization is a symptom of the fact that some of the "system" turn into "core" without giving up the uniform.

Corporate Media System



1% (Elite)

The most stupid LJ user Russia sincerely believe that full democracy in America. But many Americans say that 1% steers 99% of the population. Now this separation (99% and 1%) occurs in the speech is often extremely Americans. 

When Americans talk about the "1%", they mean that this percentage has almost all the wealth and power: in this percentage includes bankers, big corporations, and universities in the government.

The most important thing to realize that 1% — are the ones who determine the country's course. It is those against whom the "core" in whom "running over" doubt anyone ignore zombie and unknowingly provide, and to whom "the system" — an active trust and support.


One should not think that this article is anti-American. Conversely. Russian patriots feel as if they have lost their country in the 90s — and the core of the U.S. too. Russian patriots hate actions psevdoamerikanskoy empire — and the core of the U.S. TOO! Do you think that the power in Russia is not doing anything for the people?, And the American core of his power to think so too.

In short, this text is the fact that the Russian and American patriots almost the same situation — the struggle for sovereignty against globalization and the globalists. If you think you have read the Constitution as a conservative Bible Joe in a cowboy hat in Texas — your enemy, then you are highly mistaken.

And more. Many people think that all Americans in Russia want to make her America. I've personally do not want that. Russian and Americans are in similar situations, but the system solutions for them — vary greatly. Each of these powers — your way.


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