Tomorrow marks Alexander Kozulin ’52

On November 25th at the former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin day of birth. Policy turns 52. This second day of birth, whom he met in prison.
Now to his three-day visit came daughter Olga and Julia, are expected to arrive on Sunday wife Ira. Olga Kozulin told about gifts for dad.
"We have prepared a surprise. Earned him warm racing suit, so it was perfect winter walk, and sneakers. Acquired lot savory, every meal. Now Julia prepares fish cakes. Overall, we have caught a lot of fish and seafood, meat because he does not use . More sweet. Julia bakes a cake. Because we will have a very good day of birth in This year . "
I recall a year earlier, Alexander Kozulin was on hunger strike in protest against the government of Alexander Lukashenko. Consequences of the hunger strike to This time affect the health of opposition. He registered only dyyatychnyya products. But in prison criteria to ensure that the power is unreal, assumed to be independent doctors.
On this week in Mogilev prosecutor transferred the matter from the police youth activist Artur Finkevich. Either already scheduled hearing, I asked Boris Buhelya Mogilev human rights activist who is in contact with a lawyer activist.
"I was told that the case has not yet reached the tribunal. Later, I talked to a lawyer. According to her, the prosecutor’s office has materials. So makarom, if the tribunal — is not clear. "
Let me remind you, Artur Finkevich threatened Three years for violation of the punishment. Man admits his guilt in part. 1st period — two years of "chemistry" — an activist for political graffiti was recently presidential elections.
For that chief apologizes bullpen?
With Mozyr colony said: "With Andrei Klimov all excellent." But an employee of the prison administration, which I got through, did not answer the question whether the prisoner got the job. According to the source, the colony is not a problem.
"We have a lot of work. If he want, then will work. Asks head of unit, who intercede for him, and may even take on the job, for what good pay. "
Meanwhile Zborowski sovereign head of the colony responded to the appeal, which was sent to protect Klimova his associates. Outlook creators appeal that law violate Klimau, head of the colony found in innuendo and threatens Tribunal, unless it receives an apology. Subscriber appeal Vladimir Katsora Gomel believes that the police know the law is imperfect.
"Maybe they can not work more, or expect that I such cowardly that immediately run to him with forgiveness."
Ancestors Dmitry Dashkevich recently received a letter from the offspring of more than a week back. Earlier political prisoner asked to reschedule for December, because I was busy preparing for the second trial. I recall not so long ago, the tribunal sentenced favorite "Young Front", serving conclusion, besides monetary penalty for refusing to testify against members of the organization.
Andrei Klimov about Mozyr colony: "There is a hell like hell," What on 17.11.2007 A. Finkevich instituted new criminal case?, 17.10.2007

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