Tomorrow — Soc march

The shopping at home "Impulse" in Minsk activists of the Communist Party and the Belarusian Dmitry Yanenka Valery Rybchenko distributed Menaka newspaper "Comrade" dedicated Socialist march. Sovereign Rybchenko said:
"We are already fifteen minutes, and that we had, four copies already broke."
Reporter: "Do you think that the information campaign going well?"
"If people take the paper, is successful."
If we were given newspapers, activists interested policemen have seen newspaper checked the documents, but no one was arrested.
Dmitry Yanenka said:
"As an authority nor tried to disrupt this company a couple of times took away leaflets, stickers, company goes through newspapers, through internet.Zdes is a call to people to come to the academy to participate in the march Soc. "
Committee Chairman Valery Ukhnalev tomorrow and go 12 hours before Academy, where the procession will start. But some people can come in on the 14th October Square and from there the organizers meant to restore them to a rally in Bangalore Square. According Ukhnalev, all matters related to the shares resolved.
In addition to several high-ranking officials, the organizers invited to march deputy House of Representatives Olga Abramova. She voted against cancellation of privileges. Ms. Abramova come to share declined. Valery Ukhnalev explained:
"She said that the train was gone, and no shares that can not be changed. And you need to change, as it does, writing letters, speaking in parliament. She hung up on all the websites your message, I talked to her.
I do not think that making Abramov has some benefit, because the result of its actions is zero. And if there were no speeches, pickets and other actions of people protesting against this law, the president, the government did nothing to. And will end on November 4 Soc march will be other promotions. And I think we will change, at least partially, the authorities approaches to social policy. "
Policeman examines newspaper
Valery Rybchenko distributes information about Soc march in Minsk
Minsk: preliminary arrests before Soc march — from 3 to 15 days, 2.11.2007 Soc march held power permitted route, 24.10.2007 V.Uhnalev: All the same people will find out about the "Socialist march", 28.09.2007

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