Took breaks — give people the means

A few weeks left until when the Belarusian elderly, disabled, students will be required to pay one hundred percent fare in public transport, as medications and utilities.
Cancel social benefits, which for many years have used millions of Belarusian people worried and worries many. This is evidenced by mail "Freedom."
Our listener Vitaly Linevich from Minsk considers that the abolition of privileges, the government should pay pensioners, students and the disabled currency of payment:
"I’m not opposed to privileges abolished, and instead gave them each a certain amount of money. In my opinion, it would be fair. They took breaks — give people compensation.
Here, for example, I have had on the country concessionary fares in public transport (it is about 20 thousand rubles per month) and the concessional prices (more about May 20 thousand). So makarom, expect that in January, after the abolition of privileges, I raise pensions by 45 thousand rubles.
Naturally, this does not include those increases, planned to be held in connection with the distraught inflation. That’s just my waiting for these forty-five thousand rubles? Here, I doubt. "

Certainly, your swing, sire Linevich is due. Monetary compensation to all who had the benefits will not be — this President Lukashenko spoke directly during nedavneshnego meeting with bureaucrats. Will be referred to as targeted social support to those who need it.
Determine the extent of such needs will be the same again bureaucrats. Mechanism for determining the as yet unknown, but is likely to be used an old tried and tested method.
Want to be disabled or retired, get a small one-time monetary assistance — collect a pile of certificates in various institutions that you’re poor, lonely and unhealthy, and later releases long queue in the executive committee to the chief, who will determine sufficiently you are deprived of destiny.
Coming in at one point, a function, the old junk man most likely will lose any desire to repeat it again. This, for sure, and the calculation of those who started all this.
On some current realities Belarusian talks in his own letter to the "Freedom" Viktor Baranov from Rahachou:
"On what principle would be for the country nor the problem of states necessarily refer to Lukashenka:" As the president asks, "" At the initiative of the President, "" In accordance with the President’s decision "…
Such impression that we wish to assure, as if without Lukashenko we all immediately perish. Seek and give orders — this one, and still have policies and manage the state should not one person in so many years. Since no one in the world is immune from stupidity.
Because presidents and change. This occurs in the USA, in Europe. Even in Russia, Vladimir Putin has refused a third term. And we in Belarus Lukashenko goes, there is no one to change?
Before the election, he promised to make up for lost people first 1990s currency deposits in bank Sberbank. But it all turned out empty words. Where you can take so much money?
In some also burned very large sums — in Russian rubles by three "Volga" would suffice, or a herd of cattle. If such huge amounts of money returned to people in our stores to empty shelves simultaneously.
Radio and Television no desire to listen to anyone. All trepotnya empty. Of pensions will not die of hunger — and only. 100 $ 50 per month — that’s all of our progress. "

Of course, sire Baranov, in an instant to find a few 10’s of billions of dollars, that porazdavat affected holders BEAC Russian books unreal.
But if the government deliberately focused on return debt to its citizens over the last fifteen years — that with the majority of affected depositors would have to pay.
Methods for this had a lot ofPrivatization of large municipal companies, non-overhead operation projects, the sale of the former Russian army guns and many others.
Baltic neighbors Belarus, incidentally, paid their citizens not symbolic compensation. As it happened, for example, in Lithuania, where depositors lost for every four Russian Ruble got a buck. In Belarus and now cause people to Sberbank, offering to get so referred to as "compensation", which is not enough for a loaf of bread. While on the account at person was several thousand Russian rubles.
On the nature of power and the methods by which the rulers of different historical epochs eliminated political enemies, says in a letter to his own brand-new our listener with Konstantin Syrel Ushachi:
"Almost all the delegates XVII Congress of the CPSU were repressed and destroyed — they might know that the majority of votes in the election of the first secretary of the party had not been lodged for Stalin, and for the Kirov.
Counting Commission was destroyed in full, Kirov was murdered under mysterious circumstances before the end.
If someone thinks that our current leaders are more civilized, in my opinion, very very wrong. Naturally, at this point is not accepted by the public to put political opponents on the count, pour rival candidate for the presidency in poison cooking compote or opposition politicians live in boilers or on Red Square in front of the Georgian parliament.
There are other, more subtle methods. You can, for example, to reincarnate opponent in a political corpse means the media — so we believe them, especially the television! Can be blown out of the air and drop the criminal case dissatisfied in jail.
You can drive the protesters with water cannons, tear gas and rubber bullets — so that when a few hundred will be in their clinics? Yes, not enough which can be do when there is power!
In the ninth chapter "books arbitrators’ is a fascinating tale. Decided at one point the trees elect a king over themselves. Suggested this notable positions olives, figs and Vinogradov vine. But they refused — say, as we take a fruit, which treats of gods and men! Then the trees offered royal crown blackthorn — nothing on the ability of plants.
Moral: far not always the best power belongs. Faster opposite. "

So, sire Syrel, power system in centuries vary considerably, but the human vices and sins remain practically constant.
Prague and unlimited personal power are equally pushing the horrific murder and XVI, and XVIII, and twentieth centuries. And by the way, pour into a bowl political opponent poison remained medieval anachronism.
Remember, they tried to poison several years ago during the fight for the presidency of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko opposition favorite.
At the end — a letter from Galina Alexander of Mogilev. Listener thinks about certain features of the Belarusian-Russian relations:
"I can not understand who and whom holds someone who takes over — Putin Lukashenko, or vice versa. Public contacts from their like almost no meet occasionally. Yet, create memories that they are linked together a big bundle of mutual responsibilities.
Politics, they produce against the opposition (each own country) — Almost similar. These suppress opposition to such an extent that there is no time to breathe. Bit that — drag to the tribunal. A total of vessels — backbreaking fines, arrests, jail.
Create memories that live in some horrible parable which came to power many-headed monster. And people in Russia and Belarus suffers from diseases, poverty, failure in life.
But power is not worried. Her satisfied that 20-25% of the population both in Russia and in Belarus live perfectly measured. Other 60-70% — in the measured poverty and poverty. But who worries? "

I think Ms. Alexander, many will not agree with your statement that the attitude towards the opposition in Moscow and Minsk completely monotonous.
In Russia just presently occurs campaign: many in Belarus for her look. Russian opposition parties have their own numerous print media airtime fo
r campaigning on television, its representatives participate in various discussion programs.
Although, in general, the chances that the democratic opposition will get into the Russian Municipal Duma, too little. In other words on many circumstances. And many of them, indeed, the same as in Belarus.
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