Travel ban list will be announced only in 2008

The Department of Citizenship and movement Interior Ministry said that at the current time develop common approaches to the creation of a data bank on the travel ban people of Belarus.
In the midst of travel ban — media municipal puzzles
First, the bank will get those who know municipal secret, a person against whom criminal cases filed and not pay money owed by the state, the other categories.
Aspects for such a list, as they say in the Interior Ministry, is, because other bases, not counting certain law, will not invent.
But as stated Interior Ministry spokesman Catherine Samusenkova-Shelehava, all categories will be announced exclusively restricted to leave people in 2008:
"Fact, that at the moment these groups of people still undergoing development, and unless the new year we will be able to directly read something. ".
If, before 1 January 2008 will accept a package of regulatory documents for cancellation stamp out the procedure will be.
Man with passport arrives at the checkpoint. When his name in the database, it just is not released from the country, or, if he wanted, delay.
Opposition as before will be supervised?
The abolition of licensing of stamps for the first time at the official level in 2002 then raised member of the House of Representatives Parfenovich.
He believes that in the new criteria when traveling abroad difficulties appear not only in neplatselnikav alimony, and in the so-called "politically unreliable":
"Practically, it existed long ago, such a list. It consisted of people that did not pay child support and opposition. They are still there in the list, if you pass the border, the guards opening the notebook and in this notebook all recorded …
And why not canceled stamp so far? They had read on this score only one to say: no computers at the border, we can not all be considered.
But on a technical level, they could before. Just until recently collected funds from people, there’s a reason. Funds were needed. But, to my knowledge, the sum collected overlap twice the cost of maintaining this system. "
Cancellation stamp was delayed for 5 years
Constitutional Court referee Valentin Shuklin recalls: September 27, 2002 the tribunal ruled that the mark in the passport for permission to leave the boundaries of the country contrary to the Constitution, which guarantees freedom of movement of people.
Constitutional Tribunal of the Council of Ministers proposed to December 31, 2005 to make the conditions under which people will allowed to leave the regular passport without prastavlennya evaluation.
But in response, the government requested that to prolong the act of stamps — in fact there was no border Tipo technical accounting ability.
At this point, according to Valentin Shuklina, the officials have the opportunity to show how the country made the decision of the Constitutional Court:
"If the law, must made! And if not the law, then we’ll find out about it through a pretty kutsee time. Of what can be conclude bureaucrats observe laws.
It is even curious decision — law for municipal bureaucrat in including presidential administration and other municipal structures — or not? "
The Department clarified, as in the case of approval on the technical level will be passport control.
Identification process would tie to the line in the passport on the page, which contains personal number and "setting data" on the citizen.
Employee Municipal Border Committee special scanner reads the line, automatically verified information in a jar, and if there are no restrictions as to convince the Interior Ministry, law-abiding citizen does not even see how was the border.
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