Two in one will not be on Listopad

The other day there was a scandal over the role of the festival tapes "Two in one" known kinarezhyserki from Odessa studio Muratova. Each new movie Muratova demonstrated at last "Falling Leaves". "Two in One" was also scheduled to be shown. But the festival management representative Valentina Stepanova said that Muratovoj tape will not be removed from its programs from the festival.
In the movie is thirteen seconds on the Belarusian leader, who wishes people a happy New Year. Characters stare telly, and the hero of the famous Ukrainian actor Bohdan Stupka says: "B-handsome man." According to unofficial version, specifically because of this episode and it was decided to remove the film.
Movie producer Oleg Kohan explained:
"I have a 2-words I know the situation around this festival. There have any speculation about the role of Lukashenko in the movie. Film has not been claimed and was not signed by any agreement or contract. Moreover, there was an invitation. This seems to be the question is closed. Film is not removed because it was not in the competition, was not delivered, was not stated and there was an invitation.
Here in Ukraine already razdmuli history that was made on political grounds. No political grounds, and the point is that the movie was not invited. Here, he could not be removed. "
I asked the emperor Kohan why specifically Alexander Lukashenko was in the movie?
"This is a question for the director. You have to see the picture of themselves and later realize that it has no business. It’s just President, as President of the New Year. "
Reporter: "Could take another president …"
"Could not have been video. This is not conscious, and random option."
Sovereign Kohan said that Kira Muratova at the moment on the set and can not talk to the press.
Crew chief of Marina Zhydetskaya surprised. It says that the frame is not mounted, the documentary.
"Safe frame. Simply President congratulates people. Very bad like frame. There was not even a hint of any negative. And all very surprised by this fact.
In the story it’s New Year’s Eve, and include characters telly. And there goes the President. "
Picture Muratova "Two in One" was changed to Korean movie "Cherished Lights".

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