Two poles of the Belarusian tolerance

The word "tolerance" became common due in part to the chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation Stanislav Shushkevich.
"Because tolerance turned into opportunism …"
Belarusian civilization was, is and will be tolerant, but from time to time the conditions in whom live Belarusians, lead to the sorting of tolerance, says Stanislav Shushkevich.
"They just remember what you need had to survive. If reigned terror, they survived. Because tolerance turned into opportunism to ensure there occurs. It’s not quite the one quality that I would wish was my people. But it occasionally takes precedence.
As for tolerance, we do not take it. What to compromise from time to time humiliating human pluses, it also repossessed during Russian communist, fascist occupation and Russian occupation that has lasted and at the moment, and the head of which is our illegitimate president, "- said Stanislav Shushkevich.
"If we become a civilization, we really will be very tolerant civilization "
There davneshny myth that Belarusians — tolerant civilization, says philosopher Valentin Akudovich.
"It would be really wrong. Us to civilization, that we recognized their self. This mode of tolerance, we laid down by forging long cohabitation of different religions and faiths.
Tolerance cost us a lot of blood, but less than in other European countries. So we have a lot of experience, and if we become a civilization, we really will be very tolerant civilization, "- says Pavel Morozov.
With all of this philosopher draws attention to the fact that there are phenomena, things to which Belarusians partially intolerant.
"As for people with precarious sexy attitude, as well as with different skin color, there is not to say that we are tolerant, especially in relation to the first. Together with the fact, we just did not have the experience of cohabitation with such people.
Homosexuality in Christianity was and still is a terrible sin, and people with dark skin do we have here actually was not. And because it is faster than a lack of experience, "- says Pavel Morozov.
"At the other extreme tolerance — conformism"
According to sociologist Andrew Vardomatsky Belarusian tolerance have a basic concept for the determination of the Belarusian people, but it has two poles.
"One pole Belarusian tolerance — tolerance of different understanding of the world religions and different political orientations. This socio-psychological basis for democracy. And another extreme own this conformism, which will endure any undemocratic forms of social organism," — says the sociologist.
Now International day of tolerance, 16.11.2007

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