Two-thirds of middle-class Britain want to emigrate

Two-thirds of middle-class Britain have expressed a desire to emigrate from the kingdom, together with their families. According to the study, released here today by British scientists, the reasons for such a decision rooted in the deterioration of the quality of life in the country.

"They want to leave the UK because of financial problems, inflated real estate prices, the loss of a sense of belonging to British society and the spirit of good neighborliness", — the report of the University of Huddersfield, which along with these problems and highlights the bad weather, rudeness on the part of officials and influence populist ideas in the country.

Among the most popular countries for living British used to call Australia, USA, New Zealand, Canada, from Europe — Spain, Italy and France.

According to a university professor Paul Ward, immigrants want to settle "in countries where it is still alive British tradition, but with a certain freedom of choice." "To my fellow citizens is very important climate future place of residence, they are just tired of this kind of weather, rain and fog," — he was confident, concluding that such an atmosphere in the kingdom adversely affect the capacity of the state.

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