U.Kuntsevich: At the moment the tongue can curse and fascist

Here’s a short interview with him.
"Vladimir and what you are currently reading?"
"Believe it or not — reread Ivan Shamyakin. While home on the bookshelves in my fees actually all Belarusian classics. But own way to them started in school specifically with Ivan Petrovich. Caught his book on Russian language — well, just failed to master. For the ordinary curiosity took Belarusian variant and, as they say, failed to come off — that’s my language! With Shamyakin switched to "Spikes" Karatkevich, prose Bykov … Naturally, he gives this hero in thought, philosophical understanding of life, but for young people, those who are beginning to read in Belarusian, maybe just Shemyakin and best to start as they say . "
"The sudden approach, frankly. Well, what else to amaze?"
"But, for example, what a town I love. I have traveled quite a lot in Europe, but more comfortable feel … Warsaw! Than It further appears from Belarus, so I’m bored. Because, perhaps, of all the seen capitals more soul resting on the streets of this town. Here — his own! Our … "
"Where your roots Belarusian?"
"Since childhood, the family. And quite understand themselves Belarusians and felt the need in the language of the call of the Soviet army. Then I found myself in Arkhangelsk, and that" Russian character "almost led me to start a conversation with family and friends in their native language. And when he returned and started a small national democratic thaw, took all her heart and soul. "
"How to apply to language in the technical team?"
"In principle, fine. If the Soviets for your Belarusian caused statements like" Ooh, farmers! "That at the moment — anything but that. Though there may even" fascist "curse. But often take it as a sign inteligentnastsi. And if so, what they say, we know … more aware — not dismissive "collective farmer", and let the hidden, but — respect. And it can not entertain. "

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