U.S. calls on the Georgian authorities and opposition to compromise

Breeze: "My message — the message Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who calls for the lifting of emergency in Georgia and the reopening of all media in the country. First, as we are aware: these are the main steps to ensure fair and free elections, announced by President Saakashvili.
Yesterday we noted that welcome the statement by President Saakashvili. This statement reminds us how principled Georgia for the U.S. in the strategic plan — by virtue of its own commitment to democracy. We — Georgia’s friends and all those who are fighting for democracy in this country. "
Reporter: "President Saakashvili says that on November 7 was saved not only the Georgian government and the Georgian democracy. But indeed it is possible to save democracy by using batons and tear gas?
Breeze: "Democracy in Georgia will be saved in this case, if the government and the opposition favorites negotiating table and will work together in a spirit of compromise and friendship when they develop certain steps to strengthen democratic institutions in Georgia. Oh, so you need to restore democracy.
We regret that excessive force was used and generally force. We also want to be sure that both sides — the government and opposition — think about constructive progress. A incriminate President Saakashvili that he is a terrorist or the offender, or to call for his overthrow unconstitutional ways — not constructive. But also constructive to renounce to negotiate with people who hold different views.
Actions November 7 shocked us, but still a lot of capabilities in order to return the whole situation back on track means fair and free elections. "
Reporter: "Are you going to meet with the minions of the opposition?"
Breeze: "Certainly. I meet with them on every visit to Georgia. Not so long ago they were in Washington. Opposition movement in the same I have many friends, as well as in government. Least, I hope I am not mistaken in that they my friends. "
Reporter: "At a press conference in Moscow, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation said that the Russian side does not dictate the Georgian politicians that they should be doing. A South American?"
Breeze: "Neither. Georgia — sovereign government with a sovereign government and the president, who got in the last election 97% of the vote. Georgia — our friend, and we do not even need to make any statements that emphasize our noninterference. This is clear. We consider Georgia as a friend and as a teammate. "
Reporter: "November 8 Speaker U.S. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said that the U.S. administration in Georgia disappointed emergency. What does this disappointment? Maybe that support Georgia’s NATO membership will be less?"
Breeze: "The United States believe that the expansion of NATO and the inclusion of Georgia in this business, if Georgia will meet all aspects of membership, comes within the scope of our major public interest., We hope that Georgia successfully overcome a difficult period in their lives. Currently we Under no circumstances are not ready to say that the country really has gone the way of democratization. But we are ready to say that absolutely support her eagerness to join NATO — of course, subject to compliance with all aspects. "
• The United States urges Georgia to "immediately cancel the state of emergency", 10.11.2007 • Saakashvili announced a new presidential election in Georgia, 8.11.2007 • Georgia: Managing opposition party arrested for connection with the Russian special services, 8.11.2007 • David Kakabadze: "Actions in Tbilisi — a blow to democracy ", 7.11.2007

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