U.S. can get rid of aircraft carriers

Due to budget cuts, the Pentagon renewed debate about the need for aircraft carriers. The Defense Ministry has the opinion that these ships are not only too expensive to maintain, but just not suitable for modern warfare.

March 25, 2013, 9:18


In the next ten years, the Pentagon will save $ 500 billion in this regard, Captain Henry Hendrix in his report called into question the justification for the content of giant ships, "After 100 years, carriers are moving rapidly to the end of its useful life." According to him, they are required and this change in the tactics of naval warfare: the court "may not be able to come close enough to the objectives" to be effective and to survive in the era of satellite imagery and contemporary live ammunition.

Under American law, the navy must contain 11 aircraft carriers. After the cancellation of USS Enterprise, in the ranks is now ten aircraft carriers. The new ship — USS Gerald Ford — will come into operation in 2017. It will be the world class representative "bolshepalubnyh" and will cost the Pentagon twice as expensive as the previous vessel — at $ 13.6 billion, and this amount does not include the cost of development, and it is still the order of $ 4.7 billion

One-attacking team manages the military authorities of $ 6.5 million a day. The team includes an aircraft carrier, five military support ships, a submarine, 80 aircraft and helicopters and a crew of 6.7 million people.

But Hendrix insists that the return on this investment is negligible. Each bomb dropped cost $ 7.5 million, taking into account all costs. At the time, as one firing Tomahawk missiles worth $ 2 million construction of five marine fighter with these missiles on board costs $ 10 billion, and their content — to $ 1.8 million a day.

Justification for the content of aircraft carriers back in 2010 questioned Robert Gates, who was then head the Pentagon. "Do we really need 11 offensive teams for another 30 years, while no country holds more than one?" — Wondered Gates. Advanced missiles and submarines invisible "can put an end to immunity which our Navy have enjoyed for nearly six decades," — then insisted the official, who called aircraft carriers "waste of money".

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