U.S.: chaos and disintegration?

I. 86% of disappointed

A number of studies conducted over the past few years proved that the Americans frustrated by the federal government. Center «Pew Research», which conducted the survey at the end of last year, concluded that 86 percent of Americans are either disappointed by the activities of the federal government, or even anger at those who sit in the White House.

Yes, it's just a poll, yes, one of many. But the number — 86 percent — makes you wonder. Not fifty percent, not thirty eight. Not fifteen. Eighty-six — this is, consider the almost total unanimity.


U.S.: chaos and disintegration?

Along with this it is necessary to note another fact: the population of America, and mainly its electorate, for obvious reasons, intensified in 2012, was divided into two equal parts: one part is going to vote for Republican Mitt Romney, the other — for Democrat Barack Obama. Ten percent or so seems, will give votes for other candidates — for example, Merlin Miller of the "Third Way".

But, of course, "choose" the people will be out of the two candidates: Romney and Obama. On the other candidates, many simply do not know. And that's what made up the pre-election "mosaic": Some people will give Obama a vote of the reasons that the country did not become worse, others will vote for Romney — that sat on the throne of anyone, just not bad Obama.

This can be very different conclusions. For example, this: both candidates are very bad. This conclusion is confirmed by a third-party observer, Russian Americans themselves — see, for example, articles and notes on the resource infowars.com, including reprinted from there and other analysis and news sites.

Hence, the paradox? Vote for someone from two, to power did not come second? No, it's the Americans have cost system that periodically shaken by crises and is finally outlived itself. From the time of Bush's America is moving forward only by inertia.

Very famous and very intelligent people (no, not from Russia) — like Patrick Buchanan and Ron Paul — directly predict America if not complete collapse, the coming chaos and riots. What is behind the unrest — God knows. Maybe the end of the U.S. as a state. Department of Texas, and so on … For some reason as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) purchase 1,400,000 rounds of ammunition and special equipment …

The situation with the elections, "Obama — Romney" is exactly the same as it was the case with the elections, "Bush — Gore." The two major parties, each of whom were powerful lobbies, industrial, financial and otherwise, dictate and impose their will on the electorate — through the media, through the "debate" over disputes Democrats and Republicans in Congress, through the traditional voting for Republicans or Democrats certain states (his, by the way, even ridiculed by Mark Twain). The political elite in the United States can not upgrade — simply because it does not give the upgrade.

There will be no difference … Obama or Romney will lead the "forward" the country. National debt grew by Republicans as well as Democrats in. Fed printed money or their substitutes, and also at those and others.

Now printed securities by 40 billion dollars every month. Obama in one fell swoop two birds ubivahom: If elected, he could at least do part of the inflation by promises and temporarily appease the people who believes in the country's first black president solely as a populist defender of the middle class and the ideologist of «Medicare» (medprogramma that in the States called «Obamacare»). If you choose Romney — and he decided to increase, not reduce the military budget, but still not to raise taxes on millionaires class — that Obama electorate "revenge": inflationary spiral spin up instantly, the national debt will jump again, and it is done that a couple of months ago predicted by experts from the IMF: even the International Monetary Fund will not be able to save a drowning America. Why? Yes, resources are not enough, everything is counted and counted. With the same success fishing boat could rescue the "Titanic."

This is — the economy. But in the geopolitics of Obama that Romney will do the same thing. A little softer than the other little tougher (if Congress allows it). The priorities are the same — the "Arab Spring", in spite of everything, including the dire predictions of political scientists and analysts and blame the White House in the "naivete" of Iran, Syria, stereotyped policy towards Russia and, of course, the famous "double standards "- it's all over. Russia — a partner, but — European missile defense. With China, we major partners, but — of the fleet in the Asia-Pacific region in general and military priorities in the Asia-Pacific region, as decided and approved in January 2012. Fighting against the Syrian people, "al-Qaeda" and terrorists from all over the world, but we will support these terrorists because … "Assad must go" (broken record). Gaddafi also had to go. And now, four deaths in Benghazi, and the "moderate" Islamists in power in Egypt and throughout the Muslim world burn American flags because of rumors Nekhoroshikh Movie about the Prophet Mohammed, and Obama talking of a new bombing of Libya and Egypt removed from U.S. allies. But the "Arab Spring" will still continue. Why? Yes to stop. The huge machine called the U.S. simply can not be stopped — until she falls off a cliff.

Elections also exacerbate the situation in the United States to the extreme, to the absurdity.

The presidential "race" in the U.S. turns into a hideous spectacle. Election posters Romney in Virginia, someone smeared feces. In Ohio, a huge pile of horse manure dumped in front of the headquarters of the Democratic Party. And the other day a bus driver took so said 12-year-old boy that Obama favors abortion and add to this:

"Maybe your mom had to choose to have an abortion."

That's from all this — eighty six percent are disappointed and angry. But the car is going, and the Fed and the State Department are pushing all her exhausted little hands …

II. 53% of dependent

Ron Paul, a former candidate for U.S. president, last week described the dependence of many Americans from the government. This dependence is expressed in a variety of benefits, medical care insurance, and social welfare of populations. In addition, the "at risk" and includes direct employees of the state. Total Ron Paul averaged 165 million. — 308 million of the U.S. population, or 53%.

To feed and rescue from bankruptcy this whole horde, the Fed continues to purchase assets of the banks, and will do so on "indefinitely." There is a growing national debt. Congress, in the opinion of Comrade Paul, does not apply to debt seriously, and there is every indication that the money will be spent, as long as the system does not crash.

Ron Paul is not writing about the inertia, he found another figurative comparison. According to him, the Americans are in a "runaway train." Costs does not stop there. The debt ceiling will be raised again, possibly before the end of this year.

Paul predicts the U.S. "Greek" riots, and they happen to be in America for ten years, no less. Put an end to them can only be stopped by a speeding train: you need to find a way to keep the government from the madding financial expenses. Ron Paul believes that too many Americans are significantly dependent on the government, and he fears for their fate.

As for people not as organizations, the business in America changed beyond recognition. On the corporate welfare the government spends is now almost twice as much as the welfare of the public. Today, the corporation decided to rely "on the generosity of taxpayers — in one form or another," and in fact once the U.S. companies were "exceptionally providing a better product to the consumer at the best price." Now do well are those who know how to lobby on Capitol Hill, where a queue for state contracts, grants and crisis assistance.

A familiar situation, is not it?

Ron Paul wrote: "The government — is a giant parasitic leech, glaring into our healthy economy. For too long, we trust and too much economic power and influence given the irresponsible politicians in Washington. This chaos, coming after dying system will be very painful for so many people … "

In as panacea for the economy of death and chaos Ron Paul offers to return to the U.S. free market and to eliminate "state mandates" and the distribution of funds. That's when America will thrive again.

No, Comrade Paul is asking the government to make "even more." On the contrary, the citizens of America, in his opinion, should be to pull the economy and "ourselves" out of the hands of Washington, and as soon as possible. Otherwise, he says, "our relationship will result in our death."

And for the death of this, it seems, America was ripe.

III. Money — at home!

Tom Engelhardt believes that the U.S. will dissolve just as perestroika Soviet Union.

At the end of the 1980s. Soviet leaders allowed the budget deficit to grow, and the economy — the worse for wear. The Soviet Union at the time, writes Engelhardt, "squandered the national treasury to the needs of the armed forces, getting involved in an endless war in Afghanistan."

In 1991 USSR simply disappeared.

But U.S. leaders' enthusiastic and self-congratulation of their victory, failed to take advantage of the resources that are freed up as a result of the termination of the arms race. Instead, watching with amazement the collapse of the enemy, they did a very strange choice. They decided to follow the path that I once called the Soviet. "

As a result, the wrong choice of national treasures U.S., according to Engelhardt, "Spent on the needs of the armed forces to expand the already extensive system of national Security and military projects of all kinds. Our infrastructure is falling apart, the deficit is growing, the economy is exhausted and, even worse, after 11 years we are still fighting a war in Afghanistan. "

That's the way. Inertial and wanton desire to have the White House to global leadership, including the imposition of "American values", has led to the fact that America — I repeat his own words from another article — not only does not take into account the fatal errors competitor on the world stage, but also in the foot as many times as there can come a seasoned masochist.

There is evidence (American) about the deplorable state of infrastructure in the United States. I will mention some.

In the U.S., lack of roads, and every year the traffic jams cost the passengers in the United States 4.2 billion hours are spent in vain 10.5 million liters of fuel, and by 2035, every American will spend in traffic jams on 160 hours per year (that's four working weeks) . About a third of fatal crashes in the United States is due to worn or outdated coverage and other road equipment malfunctions. Every fourth bridge in America is used in excess of the maximum allowable load or require urgent repair. But the repair of worn-out bridges need $ 160 billion, and in their budget does not. 4095 dams in the U.S. are in poor condition (two times more than in 1999). Of worn-out sewer system each year follows about four trillion liters of sewage, and to eliminate these unpleasant consequences is spent annually more than $ 50 billion. U.S. spending on infrastructure maintenance 2.4% of GNP and similar expenses in China account for 9% of GDP.

World Economic Forum placed the U.S. infrastructure by 23 in the world ranking.

Today's Americans, according to author analysis, live for today. People in the U.S. are focused on what is happening in the present moment, and politicians, their managers, concerned only choices.

Readers may note: for more than 200 years of capitalism in the U.S. is booming and will continue to be all ok. Big deal, the roads are worn instead of asphalt gravel put, think of the crisis. The crises have occurred in the past. The Great Depression, for example. Americans will overcome all the difficulties, they are great guys, no end and will not collapse.

I served in the army in Lithuania. The year 1990, February. The elections to the Supreme Soviet of Lithuania, which eventually came to power, "Sąjūdis" with musicologist Landsbergis headed. It was a movement of the separatists, secessionists from the Union of Lithuania, formerly hide behind slogans of "perestroika." March 11, 1990 separatists took the Act of Restoration of Lithuania. Even at such a "radical" political background, few people thought about the end of the Soviet Union. Gorbachev Lithuania blocked the supply of fuel, taxi drivers in Kaunas began to take the place of the ruble or two of the top five. It seemed that the noise dies down, everything goes on as before. Publicity is publicity, democratization is democratization, but really "works and thoughts of Lenin survive the century"? It turned out that the "age" still experienced a "case".

The same could happen in the United States, whose close catastrophe now few believe except severe analysts and alarmists (many by the way).

States may cease to be "connected" — on the same type, on what might separate Quebec from Canada, from Spain, Catalonia, Scotland from the UK. Texas is perhaps the first to embark on the road to independence. Will begin in America "parade of sovereignties" a la Boris Yeltsin … U.S., being in the deepest pit of political and economic crisis, will forgive all your debts and decay through the will of the people — quite democratically.

This scenario may not work. Not for nothing did DHS buys ammunition, fire-proof booth checkpoints and special equipment — just for internal use. DHS, to remind you — this Department internal Security. Legitimate means in the fight against the "enemies of unutrennimi» (© Kuprin) are two laws in the United States: the U.S. Patriot Act (passed in 2001), and authorizes the National Defence Act (2011, signed by Obama).

"Anti-state case" according to the last act can be passed into the hands of the representatives of the military or security services. Since the case is removed completely legal procedure. Empowering Act allows detain indefinitely any American citizen. Sharpen the man in jail, according to the law need only the approval of the U.S. government that these Messrs. here — the terrorists.

19-year-old Adel Daoud, whom FBI agents artificially made terrorist, for seven months, coaxing him to explode, now judged just on the basis of data obtained without the sanction of the prosecutor — on the basis of the two above-mentioned laws. After all, the U.S. Patriot Act provides a variety of agents from the government's ability to implement a wide range of responsibilities: to watch the naughty citizens to have access to their personal records, monitor financial transactions, block accounts, get into files with educational, medical, and general information what you want, listen to telephone conversations, and read e-mails and so on terrorists by this act may enter the demonstrators of any kind — from pacifists to the defense of ecology and animals, not to mention those who for youth and naivete visit sites criticizing the policy of the U.S. government, and even openly expressed there.

Here it is worth mentioning and the Order of the food supply — the decree passed in the U.S. March 16, 2012 and renewed the powers of the president. Upon entry into force of this decree the president has the right to take control of all public sources of energy, including oil and natural gas, to gain control over all civil and even provides transportation opportunity reintroduction of conscription in order to achieve both military and non-military purposes.

Peaceful sovereignty, perhaps, will not.

Another scenario describes the collapse of America's Vladimir Stus: "… Transfer to the slow decay and long-term stagnation due to a sharp increase in militarism inefficient external opposition, folding and not without a highly developed democracy and social orientation."

Well, actually, it is a policy, which halfheartedly (forgetting its inefficiency) says Mitt Romney. Militarism with warships, the arms race and the likely operation in Syria and even Iran — all of it. A folding democracy took another Republican, Mr. Bush, and continued his case Democrat Obama (who is sometimes referred to as an agent of the Kremlin). Here is the candidate of the "Third Way" Merlin Miller offers to cease all military operations overseas, expel immigrants (peacefully, giving them a "generous allowance"), and do not let go of new, and generally close the borders of the castle — and there, behind closed borders, start work for the restoration of their homeland. It is commendable, but the blue-eyed patriot Miller who studied at West Point, not elected. And inertial rolling machine still fall off a cliff.

Let's go back to someone Stus that the death of the United States has no doubts: "The new flowering of the United States is practically eliminated — are only possible either decay or slow but tough wilting. Therefore, the main policy recommendation is the same for all the forecast scenarios — now, while it's not too late to start emigration from the United States and the withdrawal of its assets. "

Yes, emigrate, the conclusions do not then do not have time. However, remember, few people believe in disintegration of the USA and even in the withering of the "leader." But in the fall of the Soviet Union, few believed. Even, perhaps, Vytautas Landsbergis, armed with "melkashki" during the riots in Lithuania, in such a decay had doubts. Well, separates Lietuva, well, wither Latvia and Estonia, but to the entire Union collapsed?

But that's collapsed. Even a popular referendum in which more than 70 percent of voters were in favor of preserving the Union, the Soviet empire had not saved.

So, gentlemen capitalists return their capital in Russia. Invest money here. "Bank of America" will soon turn to the Savings Bank of 1991, and then the states and the regions will begin under the command of the local Mr. Chubais privatize federal property …


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