U.S. erase the memory of the American Famine

Nicolas Bonnal

We talked a million times about the Soviet or Communist genocide, the Holodomor of all colors and shades, which now serve only to blame Europe, the former Soviet Union and Russia as his successor. And America is against this background that looks like a holy land, to send all neighborhoods curse and unmanned aircraft. I will not comment on these facts.

However, I was surprised by the wealth of a fatal event-date — 1933. As my readers know, the number 33 has a prophetic symbolism, it is connected with Dallas, Damascus, Los Alamos and many other places. In January, we will celebrate the eighth anniversary of coming to power of two persons — a memorable Fuhrer and terrible in their own backyard of the American president, who turned into a historical icon — is Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Everyone knows for certain that Roosevelt did not in any way able to cope with the great American crisis, and despite this fact, he was inexplicably re-elected three times to the presidency. Also well known is that Roosevelt bombed fifty French towns and destroyed one hundred thousand Frenchmen under the slogan of "free" France, and not to lose the American pilot. It is also known that under the plan, "Morgenthau" our dear Roosevelt was plotting to destroy substantially after the war, twenty-five million Germans, in addition, it is known that he (he and his successor — brosatel bombs Truman) slowed the economic recovery in Western Europe, making it in the third zone of the world due to its own lack of will and outright incompetence. Well aware that he and his associates were involved in the death of General Patton (I'll have to somehow address this issue amusement). However, the most unknown of all deeds Roosevelt and his bureaucrats remain what they did with the Joad family!

Joad — is an Irish-American family farmers whose property was confiscated, and thus threatened the family of starvation on the road. Their fate is described in a memorable and deeply forgotten novel "The Grapes of Wrath." This American masterpiece, written by Steinbeck and put in a native-born Irishman movie director John Ford, noted kinoprizami. This non-American (!) Film, we see how the workers get 15 cents an hour, operated by ruthless employers and kept at bay by thugs, guards, and we can see how die from the crisis caused by the so-called hunger elderly; see an artificial number of stray everywhere stray victims of the American Dream and dark conspiracy new owners.

Be that as it may, how many similar Joad families were forced to leave their homes and wander the roads of America, pursued by the sheriff and the ubiquitous American police? And after a decade of crisis ten million people in 1938 are still out of work, and how much Jody died five thousand or five million? And it's true that artists are often more honest than historians — it shows us the classic film, also shot an Irish film director Preston Sturges — "Sullivan's Travels." The film is a humorous story of misery jaded Hollywood director who, in his wanderings (for production purposes) meets nearly half of all of California, which is experiencing this terrible period. And besides, we can not say where this will end the endless journey — not a cemetery there? Not only! Tramps and stowaways were beaten while before his death.

So, how many victims demanded crisis?

Not so long ago, Russian historian Mr Borisov has opened the debate on the issue. Of course, without prejudice to the U.S. data for this period of time: but it is like trying to find the number of civilian deaths in Korea, Vietnam and Iraq, not to mention the future of the martyrs in Syria in the future!

However, if we take into account all causes, including immigration, then in fairness we should add to the shortage of the population 30 years of 11.3 per cent, given the increased for 20 years of the country's population, the growth of population base. In total, it is estimated that in 1940 the population of the United States, and same demographic trends, should have been at least 141.856 million. In fact, the country's population in 1940 was only 131.409 million, of which only 3,054 million explained by the changes in the dynamics of migration.

I remember that when I was a student, we were taught that in Communist Russia saw a vacuum in the hundreds of millions of people. One hundred million! Now I understand why Siberia is so empty! Mr. Borisov insists on the fact that many Americans were not counted in the forties because of the mistakes and crimes of the Roosevelt administration:

So, 7,394,000 people as of 1940 are simply not available. No official explanation about there. I suppose that they will never appear.

Scientist reminds us of the terrible realities of this crisis, the underrated American historians, but somehow miraculously not forgotten those great writers like Erskine Caldwell or Horace McCoy. With all these people without work, without money, without any help, devoid of their own land, and for many years — as a demographic balance should not be high?

Home thirties — real humanitarian disaster in U.S. history. In 1932, the number of unemployed reached the mark of 12.5 million people. This is for all the state's population — including children and the elderly — to 125 million. Peaked at the beginning of 1933, when unemployment in America was already up to 17 million — with family members about it completely unemployed France or Britain? According to the AFL (American Federation of Labor, AmericanFederation of Labor), in 1932 there were only fully occupied 10 percent of the workers.

Lots of old people have died almost immediately. But missed a large number of children, due to (what I must add) to the hungry phenomenon of "Dust Bowl." As we can see, Mr. Borisov pointed out that in the generation born in the 30's striking shortage in 5,573,000! And he concludes:

The huge population losses 30s can not be explained by any "reduction in the birth rate." This is a consequence of the huge number of additional deaths, trace, the drawn millions of young lives lost, the black mark of the Great American Holodomor.

American Famine! We ought to ask the U.S. senator whether Oklahoma in the thirties place to live, better than the USSR! Whatever it was, it was a terrible decade for many countries of the world. But to continue. In America, there was a large number of labor camps. The usual propaganda and the John Ford movie with a happy ending represent us with state labor camps as a pink paradise. However, the reality was in fact not at all like that. Mr. Borisov fervently adds:

Kanalizatorom of the mass of the population have become unnecessary "public works" Roosevelt …. In total, the 1933-1939 years of community service under the auspices of the Public Works Administration (PWA) and the Administration of Civil Works Civil Works Administration — CBA (this building (the White Sea), canals, roads, bridges, often uninhabited and swampy malarial areas), with a bullet employing up to 3.3 million. Only through the American gulag of public works was 8.5 million people — that's not counting the prisoners.

The people there were kept in private jail! Officially out of the $ 30 nominal wage deductions were mandatory $ 25.

Management of public works produced by Harold Le Clair Ickes, who organized the deportation during the war, ethnic Japanese living in America, in the concentration camps! This Ickes was named the American Beria, and Roosevelt compared to its predecessor with a fascist leader Hoover (Hoover humane Russian saved a lot of lives during the famine that followed the Civil War). I can add that to the end of the Second World War, American propagandist and scientist James Burnham paradoxical way of reviewing three models that characterize the so-called managerial revolution (large technocrats who run the world): Roosevelt's America, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union! As we can see, systemic criminalization of Russia and Germany (I'm here, of course, does not even mention the usual trials against Nazi leaders in 1946) come later, thanks to a policy and a well-informed and directed to a single goal scholars who did not forget about our eternally repentant France!

I leave for my readers the opportunity to read this document, consider the numbers and compare their views on this immense subject, I also believe that a crime of such persons, as Roosevelt or Churchill (do not forget the brutality of the British Empire) will fill an entire library! You can learn and work of other Russian authors — Nicholas Balabkina, Vladimir Petrov (cited by Wikipedia!) — And that is the main, to better understand the post-war period, and with it — all the heavy blows inflicted by irresponsible America, in order to physically and mentally destroy Western Europe.

And I never tire of reminding my readers that Obama is running forty-six million "food stamped" Americans and three million inmates in prisons — which is more than in all countries of the world combined, and not counting the prisoners of Guantanamo!


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