U.S. Infrastructure at Risk

Crumbling roads and bridges, as well as unserviceable Energy System — deteriorated infrastructure of America is a growing threat to the public. However, the government is ready to spend billions on wars around the world without worrying about the safety of people on the streets of relatives. Report RT correspondent Marina Taylor.

Over the last decade, America has spent hundreds of billions of dollars in the name of national security: fighting, military intervention, the fight against terrorism, the hunt for hackers on the Internet …

Meanwhile, virtually no attention is the internal threat that can overtake every home in the country. It is about U.S. power grid.

In recent months, federal officials have repeatedly warned that the electrical cables, transformers and substations in the United States are not adequately protected, and take advantage of this can anyone who has a basic knowledge of weapons and. Experts also believe that the power grid is outdated and dilapidated, and therefore can not prevent a flurry of disasters.

Last October, the hurricane "Sandy" struck the 24 states, causing damage worth $ 63 billion. More than 4.5 million people were left without electricity, but New York was virtually paralyzed. A huge part of the "Big Apple" was plunged into total darkness.

Two months later, after the storm the streets of central Manhattan is still littered with pipes, wires and appliances, as dozens of famous skyscrapers of the city are still working on generators.

To the main buildings of the city are out of order for two months — is not the case, for example, in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Amsterdam, because in these cities set up systems capable of withstanding the forces of nature. And here is cutting corners, the failure to invest in need — all of this is extremely dangerous for the U.S. economy.

90% of the U.S. electric utility companies owned by private-dependent investors.

A large share of the U.S. Energy owned by private owners. And only the federal government, with the help of local authorities will be able to achieve a secure supply. Many changes must occur not only in the financial field, but also in the legal, so we can improve our security.

Changes are needed not only to the country's energy system. Engineers have warned that the number of American bridges, roads, dams, embankments and power plants are under threat of collapse and in need of urgent repair, especially with the constant rise in sea level.

Even the bomb could not cause such damage that caused the hurricane "Sandy" around the north-west — a thousand miles of destruction. It happened a natural disaster of enormous proportions, and the Congress does not invest in the repair of even basic infrastructure, which of them is extremely short-sighted act.

Such a fragile foundation runs the risk of becoming the biggest threat to the country's home-grown.


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