U.S. peace-loving Russian: Information War against Russia

For that year, the Western occult organizations are preparing to consciousness inhabitants of aggression against Russia. Australian Think Tank — "Institute for Economics and Peace" — released annual ranking of peacefulness.

According to it, Russia ranked 7th from the bottom — 147th.
Such reports are no longer a rarity: in 2007, rated calm of Global Peace Index, prepared by analysts of his Economist Intelligence Unit, the Russian Federation from 121 countries took the "honorable" 118th, in the same group with Iraq, Sudan, Nigeria, Israel, Iran has even been called peace-loving Russia — 96th place. In 2008 the same company in May published a new teyting peace, for Russia it took 131 place among 140 countries. Even more aggressive than our native land, were countries such as Lebanon, North Korea, Central African Republic, Chad, Israel, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq. United States and China took 97 and 67 seats respectively.
In 2009, this rating was published on June 3, according to him the Russian Federation in the list of 144 countries ranked 136th. We were in a group of countries such as Pakistan, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan, Israel, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq. In 2010, Russia ranked 143rd out of 149 in the ranking of the peace-loving nations. More aggressive states than Russia, were found only 6 states — Israel, Pakistan, Sudan, Afghanistan, Somalia and Iraq.

In 2011, according to the annual report of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Russia ranked 136 th out of 144's, ensconced between Zimbabwe and Pakistan. United States, a country that has not yet completed the withdrawal of troops and Iraq, leading the military campaign in Afghanistan, according to the report occupy the 83rd spot.
Australians of the "Institute for Economics and Peace" into account in their study of 23 factors, including the size of the armed forces, defense spending, the crime rate in the state, the percentage of prisoners, the death toll in the country of foreigners, the level of corruption, with such factors one can quite agree. Thus, in Russia is very high level of corruption, the number of prisoners per capita we give only a "bastion of democracy" — the United States, has sharply increased the terrorist threat — in the North Caucasus is almost an undeclared war, military spending went up. From this it is clear — Russia is clearly not drawn to such a level of "peacefulness", as in Iceland, New Zealand, but it is strange that Russia is placed at the bottom of the list, and not in the middle.
Raise questions and evaluation criteria such as "adherence to democratic principles in politics," or main criterion — "absence of violence". Killers, mass murderers, terrorists, which, put in pensions for easy adjustment of the psyche? In addition, military spending we are very far from the U.S. and China, which are located in the middle of the list. And to give us, thanks to the Soviet Union, even in comparison with other countries is rather good.
Even Pakistan set rated for line above — it's a country where almost every day there are explosions, vast territory controlled by the Taliban, U.S. intelligence agencies regularly conduct their operations in the troubled border with India, according to the latest reports Pakistani sources, the U.S. would conduct a military operation to capture nuclear weapons, stop the operation only tough stance of China.
With that are located at the bottom of countries such as Somalia, Congo, Iraq, Afghanistan, everything is clear — there is violence — has long been the norm. But what's at the bottom of a permanent North Korea, it is doubtful — even with "democracy" in the Western sense, and there is bad, but with a level of "violence" there is a good thing — in fact there is no organized crime, and domestic crimes, as in the best the years of the Soviet Union, the same foreigners can walk around the capital all night, and no one hurt.
It is ridiculous that the United States ranks in the list 82 th place: a country that unleashed the mass wars, high crime, 1st place in the percentage of prisoners per capita, they are two military campaigns — Afghanistan and Libya. With the level of censorship in the media, it is difficult to find a TV controlled country like the United States. With the formation of the United States is also the case in a very sad, millions of illiterate, semi-literate. Military expenditures exceed 20 be following them countries.
Or take China — 80th place, is a country where there are explosions regularly — just the other day several explosions in the Chinese city of Fuzhou. There are problems with regions such as Tibet, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. But, on the whole, China's ranking clearly undervalued, the same U.S. is clearly more aggressive — China does not conduct any war outside its territory. 112th — Belarus, also rated highly undervalued — a country with no one to fight and did not fight, the crime rate is very low, higher education — Soviet standards persist, elections are held.
There are also questions to the leaders of rating "peacefulness" — among them Japan, which is constantly voiced territorial claims against Russia, leading the arms race. Canada — participates in NATO's military campaign, including in Libya, defiantly expanding military capabilities in the Arctic.
Clearly, all these rankings — it is a tool of the West to conduct the "information war" against undesirable countries and Russia in this list is the most important one. That is why western people are constantly told that Russia "aggressive" country, its people — "Scythians and barbarians, orcs." Russian to remember — the enemy of the West to us, in whatever clothes do not dress itself and not say a word.

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