U.S. urged Russia and China to use its influence to curb North Korea

MOSCOW, April 2 — RIA Novosti.U.S. calls on Russia and China to take a more active part in deterring North Korea, said at a news conference, White House spokesman Jay Carney, as quoted by Agence France-Presse.

"It's no secret that China has a potential impact on North Korea," — said Carney at a press conference on the situation around North Korea and its stated intention to resume operation of the nuclear reactor at Yongbyon. "We have called and again urge China to try to influence the DPRK. Moreover, we encourage and Russia," — said Carney.

Also, the White House called the statement of North Korea, "further evidence" that Pyongyang "in breach of its international obligations." "Naturally, we are taking the steps necessary to protect the United States …" — Carney said. 

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Earlier in the afternoon, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said that the confrontation on the Korean island is growing due to the low level of contact and exchange of information between the parties to the conflict,offering your help to start negotiations.

North Korean authorities on Saturday said that relations between the two Koreas have moved into the "wartime" and Pyongyang will act according to the laws of "war-time" in the event of "hostile provocation" that could escalate into a full-blown or even nuclear war.

  • North Korea's missile
  • North Korea's missile

© AFP 2013 / Ed JonesNorth Korea's Nuclear ProgramOn Tuesday, Pyongyang also saidthe intention to resume workstopped in 2007, a reactor at the nuclear center in Yongbyon. On it the IAEA has expressed "deep regret."

"This is another regrettable event, which is a clear violation of UN Security Council sanctions. Again, the head of the (IAEA) strongly urges North Korea to comply fully with all existing UN Security Council resolutions and the Board of Governors of the IAEA," — said the representative of the IAEA Gill Tudor (Gill Tudor).

There is a chance?

Moscow believes that while there is a chance to start negotiations with the DPRK's nuclear program. While some countries shoulddecide to terminate their narrow-profile task, Using the situation in the region. "Now we need to stop all the rhetoric, stop any action that is injected tension," — said the Ambassador at Large of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Grigory Logvinov.

He expressed doubt that the current situation in North or South Korea will go to the outbreak of hostilities, and local conflicts are not ruled out. "The main thing that a war of nerves did not develop into a hot war," — said a senior diplomat.

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