Ufa Machine Company ECM in the past year delivered in Western Europe and Japan

Innovative production company is in demand abroad. Thus, the electrochemical machine Ufa enterprise "ECM" last year shipped to Western Europe and Japan.

  • vET8000-2D - a special machine electrochemical biaxial
  • vET8000-2D — a special machine electrochemical biaxial

Since the beginning of the project for the production and promotion of these machines by OOO "ECM" has delivered more than 30 pieces of equipment to Russian and CIS.
As explained in the LLC "ECM", it's not just about the original electrochemical machining INDEC, but also a series of ecological systems "ET". In the past year have been designed and launched special machines bET8000-2D, sET6090-3D for "United Engine Corporation" Rosatom and, on a number of machine models received European certificate of conformity for products and certificate Rosstandart.

  • sET6090-3D - a special machine electrochemical three-coordinate
  • sET6090-3D — a special machine electrochemical three-coordinate

Ltd. "ECM" — Russia's largest producer of high-tech machines for precision electrochemical machining of metals and alloys. As an innovative company with a dynamic development of the company in 2010. In 2012, she recorded an increase in sales volume by four times compared to 2011 and reached the break-even operation. Today, active customer base of company "ECM" is about 200 enterprises in Russia and abroad, which is guaranteed to provide project profitability in the coming years. According to the company, the company is planning for 2013 and beyond — to carry out the scaling of the project abroad, a range of special series of electrochemical machines and automated sections for the production of blades and blisks modern aircraft gas turbine engines.


Founded in 2009, OOO "ECM" is the first project in the Republic of Open JSC "RUSNANO".

Business innovation and development of world-class confirmed by many scientific, technical and patent examinations and certificates. Group of authors LLC "ECM" created original technology micropulse electrochemical treatment and a whole range of environmentally friendly high-precision equipment to provide the highest for the current level of technology, performance in terms of accuracy and quality of processing. Technology and equipment are protected by patents in all industrialized regions of the world. The technology used widely in demand high-tech industries, with an increased use of new hard materials, complexity of form and improve the technical requirements of machine parts. Thus, in the aeroengine successfully completed projects to develop specific technologies and equipment for the production of a new generation of finger aerodynamic seals, air vane type "Chips".

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