Ukrainian Suchasnist gave Hodanovich

The presence of the Belarusians in the cultural field Ukrainian, Belarusian and cultural situation in your own joke adresok argues Andrew Khadanovich.
"This joke Irvanets said Bellamy, and has reason to be seen. Indeed, in 2002 I have not had a single Belarusian book. A Ukrainian translations printed book earlier than the original. And magazine publications in Ukraine began very early. This situation I was very cheers. I can arrange a presentation Belarusian own books in Ukraine, and there are beautiful people who acquire it and read.
A few months back the I drew attention, which in my book "One Hundred letters on TUT.BY" in Ukraine came reviews more than in Belarus. A Ukrainian version was not. It says about the state of the Belarusian Nekhoroshev criticism. And with On the other hand states that Ukrainians are interested Belarus.

Now I’m not the only "Ukrainian poet who writes in Belarusian"

But luckily, I do not currently the only "Ukrainian poet who writes in Belarusian." I began to appear long-awaited rivals. For example, a young poet from Brest Sergei Prilutsky, which are increasingly invited to various festivals. But yesterday it became clear that he went out into the open end of the Ukrainian championship slam. Slam — is reading poetry, transformed into a show. Such poetic sport for themselves.
In Belarus, such was not yet. At that, at my eyes every second Belarusian poet decent slemer possible. And all could break at any international tournament win.
Ani Ukrainian colleagues or Russian do not have such extreme experience as a poetry reading for the armed riot police, sniper, etc. It tempers. Whereupon not afraid of no drunken audience in the clubs. "

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