Unfortunately, the paper did not register Asshole

"Belarusian source" on this week 1927 published a poem Sergei fable "Falling Leaves":
Well-but my hope: Fall and then pass — My Life experiences a crowd Lude good years!
Sun hmarak person show, Sky finish shed tears — and find out shocking force, that we can live freely!
High same amount leaves fly far away from us back! — Will we believe in deeply! — Although yshche Listopad circle.
"The Banner of Youth" in 1967, writes: "The City of a young fortune, daring dream city, the city, the average age of the inhabitants of which is 27 years, the city where the wires for retirement — more exotic case … It — Novopolotsk City … more such young, and now that you can to show on the banks of the Western Dvina place where cast off the first ferry people in the "new world." Coupled with the city matured its builders. Prior glorious anniversary in October novopolochane decided to get the first Belarusian cellophane and his word kept. "
On the pages of "Name" in 1997 Igor Germenchuk the question whether he really was going to register the newspaper under the title "Asshole", says: "It is. Unfortunately, it did not register. Apparently, since this title immediately tied with a particular person … Newspaper was be devoted to one person. It could be zbiralny image, but all would know who ethe man … But now, when we did not get to defend its right issue a normal paper, then we secretly, of course, will produce absolutely no newspaper "Asshole."

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