Union tele waiting for 10 years

Brand new "feature" of the Union pans, as many had read yesterday in Moscow — the creation of a joint modern superkamputara. Promise that he will be able to spend as much as a second multi-trillion operations. Parliamentarians impressive refer to this idea of "one of the priority directions of scientific and technical development of the union."
"Allied Computer" — it is far not the first project, which bears so much hope. Previously, with great fanfare reklyamavali "union telly", "union engine." But on the shelves TV co-production is not up to This time, although discussions are underway for more than 10 years.
Belarusian journalist Alyaksandr Alesin not so long ago was in Yaroslavl, where tried to create a "union engines" Belarusian MAZ.
"At this point in the Yaroslavl Engine Plant tune license creation of French engines, — says Alexander Alesin. — This plant bought recognizable businessman Oleg Deripaska. His project looks like another" Allied engine. "There is a paradoxical situation. Federal programm predictive based on conventional motors : preparation method evolution engines "Euro-3" and "Euro-4." But Deripaska said that this path is a dead end. And so, they say, we will take the engine in Europe. And they acquired such engine. Together with the assembly plant. I was Yaroslavl on October 16 and beheld: already launched this creation. "
Salting of in Belarus Alexander Surikov believes that economic processes can not be effective without political decisions:
"What is deeper and stronger economic integration processes, even more so it becomes clear that it must include a day or agenda and political issues. We all like to eat. Even the Federal Government. But the rights of this government, I’m sorry, as much as in ordinary government of Belarus or Russia. And even less. Because it is clear that political matters should fill constitutional document. "
Alexander Dobrovolsky — MP Supreme Council XIII Convocation recalls: still an MP during his talk about the many different programs from the Union:
"But I think, that is all, as once read as engineers (and I — Radio Engineers), "the hype and confusion" in which the bureaucracy is more than ordinary people. In order to build superkamputar need to have a strong economy, which would stimulate the creation of a science.
And if it is the municipal economy, I always remember the words of its own former CEO, which read"This is a severe problem: how to link science with the creation?" If you have a relationship with the bureaucratic system, it does. "
• Leonid Zaika: "It will be all in Russian time"23.10.2007

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