United States allow pre-emptive nuclear strike on Russia

U.S. will not abandon the doctrine of pre-emptive strike against Russia and China with nuclear weapons, said the former Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, Army General Yuri Baluyevsky.


"The strategy the U.S. and NATO strategy is the factor of pre-emptive strikes, including nuclear weapons. As would be sad it was, but someone in the headquarters of the United States, my colleagues past and present, it is not excluded nuclear first strike against Russia, in China, because China is becoming a bigger problem for the U.S. ", — He said at the "round table" in Moscow on Tuesday.

To ensure the safety of yourself after a preventive strike, the U.S. missile defense elements created in different regions of the world, he said."They expect that retaliation may be no more than 100 missiles, not 1500, not 2000, their" blue dream "- 100 missiles to intercept and secure the invulnerability after a pre-emptive strike", — Baluyevsky said.

According to him, the creation of a U.S. missile defense annually spend about $ 10 billion"About $ 11.9 billion is spent annually on developments in the field of missile defense. It's a lot of money ", — Baluyevsky said.

In turn, the former Chief of Staff of the Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel-GeneralViktor EsinthinksRussian strategic forces are able to overcome any modern and forward-looking defense"Touched Technology, which is, lets hope that we are any potential U.S. missile defense system break through not only the first but also in retaliation", — He said.

Viktor Esin believes that any attempt to influence the United States in establishing missile defense, obviously impracticable."Whether we like it or not, Americans will build their defenses. And then we will have no effect on them, and they refused. Trying to force the Americans to abandon or at least to conclude a new agreement on missile defense in the format in 1972, this is — hopeless task, this will not work ", — He said.

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