USA — davneshny partner, member of the Belarusian democracy

The delegation — the last presidential candidate, a pioneer of the movement "For Freedom" movement Alyaksandr Milinkevich, chairman of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko, first secretary of the PKB Sergei Kalyakin, deputy chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Hramada Anatoly Lewkowicz, the creator of the Christian Democratic Party Paul Seviarynets activist "Young Front" activist Zmitser Fedoruk and Enira Branitskaya.
Now Belarusian politicians and public activists took part in the Prague studio radio-bridge "Freedom". Half an hour they answered the questions of liberty and our listeners.
Where are the South American funds?
Drakakhrust: Sovereign Milinkevich, what was the purpose (s) of your trip, the extent to which you have gained these goals?
Milinkevich: United States — it davneshny partner and friend of the Belarusian democracy. And this trip is to inform about the current situation of those configurations, fortunately positive that occur in our country. And most importantly — it agree on a strategy. because now it is not necessary to talk a lot about the American side of the situation in the country, because they understand it is acceptable. A joint activity — it is very crucial.
Drakakhrust: Sovereign Lebedko, one of our listeners asked style hero Vysotsky’s songs, "Where funds Zine?":
Man: "Good morning, Radio Liberty Very intently listened to Putin’s speech in Moscow at the Sports Palace in front of supporters of the party" United Our homeland. "He said there" golden words "that Russian opposition should find support not in America, not in foreign embassies, do not count on zabugornye funds, and find support among their own people. These words are 101% and our opposition. Lebedko Vyachorka Milinkevich 10s times were in America at the briefing. They do not leave the South American embassy. During these years, they are in opposition, have passed through their hands 10s of millions of dollars. Radio Liberty said that only this year, the U.S. Congress approved 20 million dollars over the next three years to support the Belarusian opposition. And there is a question, but where did the money go? "
So where did they go?
LiabedzkaWell, I hope it does not envy the listener. And if you read to the point, in Washington we go once a year, on anadromous Minsk plants I personally was thrice. And just met with those listener, like me and my colleagues, it is the people. One problem that in Washington we can meet freely and Belarus with this difficulty. For contact with people you can get jail time as Alexander Kozulin as Dashkevich, Andrei Klimov and other political prisoners.
As for resources, we really say that need support to be independent press, support for satellite channel. We believe that it is completely reasonable. And so we care about constitutional rights, including the listener who asked this question. The Constitution says that he has a right to receive alternative information. And what is this right? There are three TV channels, and at all — one mustache, one person, Alexander Lukashenko.
Because we say — give resources to support self-contained satellite channel where Belarusians can get alternative information and make their own choices.
Terms lifting of sanctions
DrakakhrustPavel Seviarynets, our listener Peter S. asks about the U.S. government’s sanctions against "Belneftekhim":
Peter S.: "Favourites democratic forces of Belarus at the moment are in the United States. It is not so long ago, the U.S. imposed sanctions against the" Belneftekhim "which is under the strict control of the Belarusian president. But these sanctions hit not the president, and for the people of Belarus. "Belneftekhim" — this is the most profitable part of the Belarusian budget. And now a question for you. At a meeting with the management of the U.S., you sought the lifting of sanctions against the "Belneftekhim", or just complained about their difficulties, and so well-known South American management? If such a question is not set, then put. It will be a good gift to our people, well, he’ll believe for you. With reverence. "

Paul, indeed, you had read with South American bureaucrats and politicians about the sanctions against Belarus, regarding their disposition, and efficiency?
Seviarynets: Certainly, such discussions were. Assistant Deputy Secretary of State David Kramer, who met with us, put us on notice that the Department of State to introduce these sanctions without consultation with the democratic forces of Belarus. This is an outcome of his talks with Mrs. Pyatkevich spring. The Belarusian government has not complied with the agreements that have been reached, and in the end these sanctions were imposed.
We before leaving for America issued a special appeal that if the government in Belarus to release political prisoners, when will the real democratization, we not only would ask for the lifting of sanctions, and will seek investments in the Belarusian economy.
While we are in Washington, the regime was and still have time to reflect on these issues. Release political prisoners and begin a real democratization — we begin to read about the cancellation of these sanctions.
Coupled with the fact meetings with South American bureaucrat — and Secretary of State, and David Kramer — we emphasized that first welcome address and individual sanctions against Belarusian officials. But economic sanctions should be treated very carefully, because they are really beating on Belarusian.
Real face Sergei Kalyakin

Drakakhrust: Kalyakin, our audience is not the first time interested in your genuine political person:
Man: "Good morning, pochetaemoe Radio Liberty. Want to ask a rhetorical question: could during the Russian Union of Sakharov and Solzhenitsyn writer become secretary of the District Party Committee? Answer imposed itself — no. Through their struggle for freedom expelled, deported from the Russian Union or expelled from Moscow. And now I have a question for delegates to visit the U.S. sovereign Kalyakin. Kaljakin tell where your real face and where the mask? during the Russian Union of you held the highest post — were the district party committee secretary of Russian and fought against freethinking. Struggled against people like Solzhenitsyn and Sakharov. Now you in times of Lukashenko fight for freedom. So where do you live? "

Kalyakin, I would like to add a question — as a real Communist Sergei Kalyakin felt like a "bulwark of capitalism"?
KalyakinI feel fine in Washington. I wish to respond to the listener that the communist ideology does not deny freedom and democracy, on the contrary, it comes from the fact that people should be free, and that there should be democracy. And if he wants more carefully to find out what political party now has a position, which I head, it is necessary to read our example program. And he will see how we criticize the system that was created in the Russian Union. We believe that what happened then does not have any work to socialism or social justice.
Because there is no contradiction between my current position and the fact that I led the party district committee Russian district of Minsk. Because then I’m not pressed and dissent, and now advocate that all people with different gaze had an opportunity to express those eyes and together build a democratic Belarus.
"Freedom to political prisoners!"
Drakakhrust: Lewkowicz, the release of political prisoners, including the chairman of your party Alexander Kozulin, as a condition for dialogue with the official Minsk — this position hold together the European Union and the United States. Or touched the topic during your talks in Washington that offered you what plans there shared with you your interlocutors?
Lewkowicz: The problem of release
of political prisoners — is a priority issue that we put in all our meetings here in the United States. The U.S. has already done almost everything in this direction. When Alexander Kozulin hunger strike, and he held her a day or 53, specifically the United States exactly helped his life, because he was already on the verge of life and death. The United States raised the issue of human rights in the UN Security Council and it was a signal to stop the hunger strike Kozulin.
We have developed a plan to release Kozulin, in this regard, we are negotiating. Now it became clear Kozulin name all over the world in large part due to the United States. Among us on this topic a lot here serves Enira Branitskaya, she practiced on this issue.
Drakakhrust: Enira as Anatoly Lewkowicz referred to you, then I have to pass the word.
Branitskaya: Unfortunately, neither we nor the United States Government has no plan flawless release our political prisoners. This is — one of the priority topics for us, for all democratic societies. Unfortunately, at the moment we can only talk about the fact that it is the necessary step to democratization in Belarus, and everybody understands that. We can and should read about it every time and to achieve this.
Crossroads recently elections
Drakakhrust: Sovereign Lebedko, if you had a discussion about the election of Representatives in the coming year? Concessions electoral your opinion, can go Belarusian authorities? That you may be encouraged in this regard your interlocutors? Here is our invariable listener Anastas Semenovich gives such advice for you:
"Ladies and gentlemen, Radio Liberty, good evening, I wish to turn again to our Democrats. Soon elections so called" campers. "We have no choice. Now they will look to Putin Russian mafia, in other words" Pure white Rus. "For I you say, without the configuration of the electoral law to participate in the elections — a sin against the people of Belarus. All parties should announce an ultimatum: we will participate in elections only if our people will include all district and county commission: 50% of Democrats, 50% of administration. According to another pseudo-election boycott. "
So what can be achieved here, especially against the background of Russian elections?
LiabedzkaVery well, that not only politicians, and voters understand that you need to change the terms and conditions of the election campaign, that we in fact the first time in 13 years, elections were held, not their imitation. It seems to me that we do everything possible to put into practice the advice that which gives us a listener.
We turned to "Reddish House" and offered to hold consultations without any intermediaries for this purpose that in Belarus in 2008 elections were held true, that could be considered as within the country and outside.
In-2, we launched an initiative that could come from the Euro Union to hold a special international conference on Belarus.
The only condition of such a conference should be the release of political prisoners, a day or agenda — one question: changing the electoral law and its implementation, that were members of the opposition in the election commissions. To have the real rights observers, etc. If one of these initiatives will be implemented — a prospect role in the elections.
If it is not, then we need to participate in a political campaign. I am against the boycott. Our people understand the boycott so — lying on the couch and nothing did not participate. We need to use the company even without any rules, so we have informed our positive candidacy to the people, that we are told what is happening in the country.
You look — according to opinion polls, 60% of people in our country believe that the elections in Belarus are valid. They need to tell, show by example, that there are no elections.
On the presidential campaign in our electoral commissions according to official figures there was only one member of the opposition party. What kind of legitimacy here?
I do not rule out that if there are no configurations, we first year will create a statement that Belarus does not and will not be legitimate elections. That international organizations have already expressed this first year and can not send international observers not to legitimize these "elections." And what is the format of our role in this — we will decide at the enlarged meeting of the Political Council of the role of those who were selected in a single list of candidates.
Drakakhrust: Sovereign Fedoruk, prepyadstviya activities of nongovernmental organizations, more precisely, the obstacles in their work — not abstract for all members of your delegation. The party’s activities were suspended Kalyakina, sire Milinkevich unsuccessfully tried a couple of times they managed to register movement Enira Branitskaya for his role in an unregistered organization fell behind bars, you also subject to criminal prosecution for the same activities. Have you talked about this problem with South American bureaucrat who was the outcome of these discussions (if any)?
Fedoruk: Certainly, we noted that in Belarus so far there is an article in the Criminal Code. We had read that the regime sees a great danger themselves in organizations that make civilian society that they were denied registration. America knows it.
Opposition Unity

Drakakhrust: Kalyakin, our listener Vlad sent subsequent SMS-ku:
"Question: opposition is mired in the struggle for leadership, confidence, they can expect the same, and that the Russian opposition. This is evident in the march."
Well, Vlad sovereign issue and did not ask, it is clear. Because let for themselves the question of his own. In the last time in March when you too were part of the opposition delegation in Washington and we had read to you, there was a general Council of Democratic Forces. Now the degree of unity of the Belarusian opposition noticeably less. Or recommended for you to return your interlocutors South American unity?
Kalyakin: We and without any outside advice know that the opportunity to achieve and overcome the dictatorship is only when all the democratic forces, all the people who want change, will jointly fight for it. Because we are now a great job to strengthen our joint activities.
To your question, I would say that now the political council of the united democratic forces more subjects than it was then, when there was a presidential campaign.
As for leadership, it is not a bad thing, because it helps to lead man to his own efforts more contributions to the cause.
But to become a favorite, you must be doing something very strong, and not just about this claim. Unfortunately it does not always happen, but we — the people, so we occasionally make mistakes and not do. But now everyone has the desire to work better, work more cohesively, more fruitfully.
Russian election shadow over Belarus
Drakakhrust: One of the major global theme of this week was the parliamentary elections in Russia. Subject consequences of these elections, including the consequences for Belarus — open a discussion whether it during your meetings, with all this, and that you had read had read your South American interlocutors?
Seviarynets: Certainly, this topic is very worried at the moment America. All with growing apprehension look for processes that occur in the Kremlin, for that uncertainty, which appeared in the last few months, so look for a visit that Putin planned to Minsk. And we asked journalists, what it means and what advice we can give that closer to the events.
We were told that our homeland so far is a danger not only the independence of Belarus, and the danger to the world. Despite the contradictions in the economic sphere, Putin is very cooperates with Lukashenko in the military …
Drakakhrust: Paul, I’m sorry, I interrupt you. All seven members of your delegation read as South American inte
rlocutors that our homeland is a danger to the whole world, or it is read as soon as you?
SeviarynetsWhen I read about it, agreed with me. Colleagues can add, if I say something wrong. But the position of our delegation is this: Our homeland really threatens the independence of Belarus, in Russia grows degree "lukashizatsii" Putin’s regime, and because our homeland can become very unsafe exporter of this authoritarian model, which tends to grow into a totalitarian.
LewkowiczI wish to add that more sovereignty and independence of our country threatens the Lukashenko regime. And 13-year existence of this regime is shown. Regime did not use those abilities that were at the side of, I mean subsidies to 7 billion dollars per year to make the country truly be independent. This discrepancy in prices — it is not only political, and financial. And when we lived "for free" for so many years, it also can not go on constantly. And when the question is now that we have to pay for the sovereignty, and he dearly worth it is the question of independence. We were sitting 13 years on this drug needle, and it has just been dependent on Russia.
This thesis that threatens our homeland worldwide over him still need to reflect. Is Our homeland declared war on someone? Our homeland — our neighbor, and we need to be more diplomatic with her. We, the democratic forces of Belarus, should be aware that Lukashenko grabbed a monopoly on the eastern vector. We must destroy this monopoly, but do not think we will destroy it if we say that our homeland threatened worldwide.
How to protect the independence of Belarus?

Drakakhrust: Sovereign Milinkevich, follow-up question from our listener Adam Zylya I address to you:
Adam Zyl, Minsk: "Good evening, pochetaemoe Radio Liberty. Delegation of Belarusian opposition in the United States. Them I have such a question. Our homeland produces systemic uptake of Belarus. This is evidenced by the complete destruction of the Belarusian and increasing financial dependence . So, discussing questions such as: how to keep the Belarusian civilization and how to keep the Belarusian independence? "
This year, at the height of the energy conflict you, sire Milinkevich, wrote a letter to the emperor Lukashenko proposing to join forces in protecting independence. Either you have discussed this problem in Washington: on the one hand, there is no democracy in Belarus, and therefore the United States should take a tough stand against Belarus. On the other hand, the Russian energy pressure can make the danger of Belarusian independence, as states, namely sovereign Zyl, and therefore the United States should help Belarus, including real, so to protect its independence. So what did Washington do?
Milinkevich: I believe that the current situation in our country — this is not a boxing match where you have to peel the head undemocratic power, it is chess. This is a very difficult game. And I believe that apart from the fact that we have to fight for freedom, we need to think every day, so as not to harm the independence.
We, our delegation, no one representation as to who and to what extent threatens independence — I express my worldview. I believe that the threat to independence is very severe, and if the West is trying to cooperate with us or with the government, he should always keep in mind and freedom and independence.
West would have every right to their moral principles to impose strict economic sanctions. Well introduced, well filled up the economy, well, not the regime. So what? Belarus will be able to survive? I think in this case it could be part of. Here I see a great danger.
Although the sanctions, which perceives the West — it sanctions their principles. The West needs to cooperate with the authorities, I do not mind it, but always on the principles of moral politics. Those 12 criteria of the European Union — is a very important foundation without such a criterion may simply reinforce cooperation mode.
Same with freedom: freedom if they support through the media, through the public association through the electoral system, they should keep in mind that we have — the main partner that our world must necessarily be taken into account.
There is another threat — the threat of economic absorption Belarus. Since now the political annexation failed, but you can do the same economic means, by the privatization of Belarusian enterprises, larger, more fundamental. And it may be that we will lose economic independence, and this, too, should not be allowed.
Kalyakin: In my opinion, there should not be confused. Each country — the United States, Germany, Poland, c, in the Russian Federation — has its own national interests. Countries defend its national interests in international relations from their leave. Our Belarusian national interests can only protect us. And if we create our government competitive if we can intrigue majestic powers, including adjacent, to was is independent, democratic Belarus, then we’ll really make use self-government and there is no danger of Belarusian sovereignty.
Liabedzka: You have to be alternated. If in Russia at the moment is the process of "lukashizatsii" need to put it frankly and openly read. Since it is not safe for the Russians themselves first, and later even for the nearest neighbors and Europe, as it is one thing — Lukashenko led a relatively small country, and quite another — Our homeland with its nuclear weapons and tools of economic impact.
In-2, you need to recognize that our homeland — a country that is very crucial for the Belarusian economy, a significant portion of our exports go there and have a read though what Russian government — and democratic and undemocratic. We do not prachnemsya tomorrow with the neighbors — on one side of Canada, on the other — the United States. There are realities, and we must take them into account.
Same thing against Lukashenko. It should be put before a choice — or International spetskanferentsyya on Belarus to release political prisoners and the configuration of the electoral law, or international court over ideology and Lukashism Belarusian regime.

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