V.Stankevich: Purpose — Belarusians in power and the opposition took to the common table

Exposure previously demonstrated in the Lithuanian parliament, and four Lithuanian deputies headed by Managing groups in connection with Belarus Vaclav Stankevich own timed visit to Minsk for the opening of this exhibition.
Sovereign Vaclav Stankevich says that his group specifically to what has 24 deputies, initiated exposure visit to Minsk. Group assumes it must have possible more wide variety of contacts with Belarus.
Lithuanian MPs really had hoped that they will meet in Minsk with the staff of the House of Representatives of the Belarusian opposition and favorites.
Vaclav Stankevich explain specifically dignity trilateral meeting:
"When we povroz meet with opposition, and later with someone else, then there is mistrust — as if something was hiding something evil plan. Wish I did not.
I came with a sincere heart, I was born in Belarus. And I would like, that Belarusians themselves solved the problems of their own country. Because I wish to bring under such formats to Belarusians, who is in power, and Belarusians from the opposition sat at one table, looked each other in the eye and talk about the dilemmas own country. That’s my main goal. "
According to the Lithuanian parliament, the official Minsk told them that the time for such meetings is not yet come.
Unwillingness to sit at one table with the opposition chairman of the House of Representatives of the land commission Misha Light Brown, who heads a group of the National Assembly in relations with Lithuania, clarifies our radio as follows:
"For some reason, such a bias is — say, let’s attract opposition. So, please, the opposition — come into power and work. Go work chairman of the district executive committee. And we will solve the economic tasks that stand before us.
Well, for what I read with a man who does not solve anything? For example, the fact that I once worked in the government, and which, I know, and is not able to solve something. Well, sit down and listen to some stories? "
Lithuanian delegation had initially in the embassy to talk with favorites of the opposition, and after going to a working lunch with members of the House of Representatives.
Co-Chair of the Political Council of the United Democratic Forces Vintsuk Vyachorka states that the main tenets of the guests in dialogue with the opposition was an attempt to start a cooperative dialogue:
"We laid out our position, we welcome the dialogue. But, of course, must be released political prisoners to be made in the configuration of the electoral law and in practice — until then guaranteed the role of representatives of democratic forces in the election commissions at all levels. "
Vaclav Stankevich at the end of the visit so commented the results:
"All the same it’s great that we met. Main result — albeit verbally, but we have agreed with the sovereign light brown that will continue to start such meetings with foreign policy issues, and on issues of land, economic, transit, energy … And these meetings to invite representatives of the opposition. "
Photo exhibition "Orthodox churches in Lithuania" was opened today at the Lithuanian Embassy in Belarus 21.11.2007 Belarusian opposition gathered in Vilnius, 25.10.2007 V.Stankevich "I expensive everything connected with Belarus ", 5.07.2007

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