V.Zametalin Hollywood wants to tax

Schematic plans "Belarusfilm"

Deputy Director Alexander studio Heifer followed properly commented Vladimir Zametalin offer. Alexander Telkaglasit that Belarusian filmmakers at the moment is very basic, but the real plans.
"At This year we have eight movies later will be 10, and in 2009, twelve planned. Strong growth is. The government is very supporting us. Without this support we would not be able to take down as many movies as this year, expect to upgrade the studio and have such important but totally real plans, "- says the deputy director of" Belarusfilm. "
Heifer Alexander cites the example of France, where already a tax on foreign films and done a number of steps to prop up the national cinematography.
"In France, the film producer with gross ticket sales fee will be deducted a certain percentage. And there is determined by the largest number of foreign-made films in percentage terms — in order to French cinematography was widely represented for the French audience."
Reporter: "And we are going to hire some manufacturers charge?"
Heifer: "No, we only sell kinakopii and right display. Entire collection goes box office."
In Belarus, movie tickets three times cheaper for European

Director "Kinovideoprokat" Vasily Koktyish states that backroom discussions on the introduction of the tax on the Hollywood film production has long maintained. By him, These measures will not bring any utility rental or studio.
"In France, they removed a lot of the same. Who united Europe 800 movies a year shoots. They probably have something to protect."
Reporter: "We have little Belarusian cinema. But many Russian at the box office … "
Koktyish: "This place is Russian. Impossible to state that Russian cinema we have a foreign product completely. We many joint projects. On" Belarusfilm "the same very many Russians removed. Film Distribution, even metropolitan, dating from the budget, and the studio has preferences. Because on that ticket prices may affect? And so we have a very low price tickets, three times cheaper than Europe, "- says Basil Koktyish.
At the moment, the full price of a ticket for a movie production of any country is from 5 to 6 thousand rubles. There are more children’s tickets and discounted sessions. By Vasily Koktysh in Minsk cinemas showing 30% of American movies and spectators on their accounts for 70%.
"More reasonable talk about the excessive taxes on all foreign film production"

Film critic Maxim Zhbankov considers totally natural state support cinematography.
"Systems of state there and in Germany, and in almost all the Nordic countries. Kinematagrafiya There is not very powerful, and requests some assistance. A Hollywood — a synonym of success money. But we have a successful Russian tape. And because it would be reasonable to talk about the excessive taxes specifically for foreign commercial products, no matter in which country it is made. I think there is no any harsh anti-American fervor. Likely, Sovereign Zametalin said "Hollywood", referring to the just foreign movie that gives harsh means, "- said Maxim Zhbankov.

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